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A Leather Hip Bag!

Get The Sewing Pattern! This apoca-chic hip bag is perfect for looking bad-ass while the 3 pocket design holds a deceptively large amount of stuff. Instructions include photos of every step including how to create the straps. Downloadable Pattern & Booklet – Instant...

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Picture Postcards from the Valentine’s Shoot

I've still not updated (read reinstalled) my photo page *slaps wrist* I know, I know, a lot of you are waiting for the photos to go up of your corsety creations! And it also means that the picture postcards for the Valentine's shoot haven't got anywhere to live. So...

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Headgear for the Valentine’s Shoot

So I'm vaaaaaguely on track to bring out three new and fabulous corset patterns for Valentines Day, hence the being so quiet! I've either been hunched over the sewing machine or emailing round professional pattern graders trying to find one suitable to grade my corset...

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Pretty Fabrics for the Corsetry Stash

Just a quick one today, Mr Posty brought goodies for the corset making stash so I thought I'd post up some pics. This lace is gorgeous, I bought up a load of black but I'm wishing I'd ordered a bit more of this pretty vintage blue colour. I got a freebee piece of...

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The Postman Brought Lace for Corset Making!

I ordered some pretty Victorian lace from EBay recently and today it all turned up in the post. It's very fine but I'm hoping it'll hold up as detailing on a corset I'm planning to make. There's something really nice about authentic Victorian lace, whether it's the...

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Rewriting the Corset Manual

Along with a complete re filming of the video course I'm overhauling the PDF books that go with. The Corset Manual being one of them. My methods for corset making have changed over the past 5 years since I first made my Corsetry course. The updated video reflects this...

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    • Scarlett Sapsford

      Aww, thank you Monica! *blush*

      I’m so glad you like the course, if you feel like sharing your finished corsets, I love seeing pics of people’s work!

      Also, I’ve added you to my mailing list 🙂

      Scarlett xx


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