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I’ve always been a big fan of Lucy’s Corsetry website and YouTube reviews of corset training corsets, so I was extremely excited to hear she was going to review my Express Corset Making Video Course for her YouTube channel! It’s still very surreal to watch her go through it, and even more surreal to see the corset she made from one of the free corset patterns that come with the course – she recorded a video review of this ‘Sapsford Silver Overbust’ a few days before her course review (link at the end). Here’s a picture of her wearing it:-

Lucys Corsetry

Previous video of Lucy from Lucys Corsetry in the corset she made using my Corsetry Course

So here are some highlights from the video…

(Skip to the end to watch Lucy’s videos)

Great For Beginners To Corset Making

Lucy goes through what’s in the 2 hour long course, showing that all the tools and materials are laid out in order of use and suitable fabrics are discussed. Lucy also shows how my course goes through the laying out and marking of your corset pattern on your material before moving into the making process, pointing out that this is great for beginners. 

Going through all the corset making materials and tools

Going through all the corset making materials and tools 

Lucy goes on to say the course is very thorough and that:

“The angles give you a clear view of what she’s doing in each step and some sections are actually so close it’s almost like macro film, you can actually see the weave of the fabric and every stitch and that’s actually quite useful, you know, as a beginner that’s something I’d quite appreciate.”

How to make a corset close-up shot from video course

How to make a corset close-up shot from video course

For beginners Lucy points out that:

“sometimes a more experienced sewer will neglect to tell you things like press your seams or clip your seam allowances because they assume that you already know how to do this, but Scarlett leaves no stone unturned in this respect.”

“she makes each step really easy, even for a beginner who’s never even taken a sewing class before”

Lucy also notes that the section of the video covering how to insert the busk (front closure) is about a quarter of the video, extremely detailed for beginners and that:

 “the order everything goes together means you can’t forget to put the waist tape in”

inserting the busk

Inserting the busk is covered in full detail

For more experienced sewers Lucy points out that:

“Even though I’ve been making corsets for years, I still learned quite a few techniques from this course that I didn’t know before and I think also the free patterns add to the value of this course.”

Pattern Matching – Lucy tries out the course technique

Lucy has actually followed the course and made a corset using the same corset pattern I make in the course video (Pattern 1 in the Compendium). She tries her hand at my pattern matching technique which looks amazing in the pretty silver print on the front of her corset. She says of the pattern matching:

“When I actually sat down and watched this video and saw how she did it and tried it myself I realised that, actually it’s not that complicated and it’s not that intimidating. It’s not as difficult as you might think.”

Lucy's pattern matching using the course technique

Lucy’s pattern matching using the course technique

Putting on the Bias Binding

There are 2 different ways to put on the binding – Lucy points out that I show you how to hand finish your binding (so it’s invisibly stitched) or sew it on your sewing machine (for a quick but still professional finish). 

Attaching bias binding to the corset

Attaching bias binding to the corset

The Corset Making Manual – which includes:

  • A quick reference guide for after you’ve watched the video course
  • Embroidered back modesty panel instructions – how to quilt and embroider a back panel (these are panels of fabric that sit behind the laces at the back; they’re optional but can be made into quite a feature) for a stunning back to match your stunning front 😉
  • Instructions on how to floss properly, including an easy, medium and advanced flossing design. (Flossing is the little bits of embroidery you sometimes get on high end corsets at the top and bottom ends of the bone channels).
Pages from inside the Corset Making Manual

Pages from inside the Corset Making Manual

The Corset Pattern Compendium – which includes:

  • 11 free corset patterns and a link to my YouTube video showing how to scale these corset patterns
  • The Compendium shows you how to take your measurements and easy-to-follow diagrams show you step-by-step how to alter any corset pattern to your personal measurements for a custom fit. I use the super simple slash and spread method traditional to corset making.
The Corset Pattern Compendium and the included sewing pattern (plus you get the one on the cover)

The Corset Pattern Compendium and the included sewing pattern (plus you get the one on the cover)

Other Products – Printable corsetry sewing patterns and how to make a bodice video guide

Lucy mentions my printable corset patterns for if you can’t be bothered to scale patterns,

She also mentions my Elizabethan corset making course which takes you through how to make a bodice with tabs if you want to try your hand at the Elizabethan look.

How to make a bodice course and printable patterns

How to make a bodice course and printable patterns

Free 30 Minute Bonus Video

Lucy didn’t cover the bonus video; there was so much stuff to go through! The whole course is 2 hours long. But you do get a free 30 minute bonus video included, where I show you:-

How to make two professional back modesty panels for behind the corset laces

I also put on a mock up and physically show you how to alter it to fit you perfectly around the bust and hips.


Lucy Sums it Up

“Should you buy a corset or make one? Well, if you can learn how to make really nice corsets for fifty dollars that could potentially save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars buying corsets that might not fit you the best. This is an investment that pays for itself in the long run.”

“And if you find the course too difficult or confusing and you’re not actually able to complete a corset using these materials, Scarlett actually has a money back guarantee”


And that’s a no quibble, ‘just say the word’ refund 🙂

Everyone should have the right to try before they buy where tutorials are concerned and I’d hate to think of anyone being unhappy with something they’ve bought from me, I’ve never questioned a request for money back. You can always email me for any reason at – [email protected]


So a massive thank you to Lucy for reviewing my Express Corset Making Video Course, for being so thorough and for providing us with years of amazing videos of gorgeous drool-worthy corset training corsets. I’m such a big fan and I recommend watching her YouTube channel whether you’re waist training and want to know about the corset makers out there, want tips on learning how to corset train, or if you’re learning how to make a corset and need some inspiration. She gets up close and personal with corsets from all the best corsetieres.


Here’s the video of Lucy’s review, followed by her video of the corset she produced from following the course:-

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Check out the Express Corset Making Course –

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