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New Corset Patterns On Their Way!

New Sewing Patterns Are On Their Way!     It's been a while but I have new patterns coming! (Sign up below to get VIP access to discounts!) The first - The Aphrodite Corset Pattern has now launched! On the first of August in fact - the day before my Birthday! Check it...

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Video 10: How To Alter A Corset Training Corset

A later than expected corset alteration video. I had some issues with the corset, I’ll go into them in the video but I discovered the waist tape wasn’t symmetrical etc.

That aside I show you everything from chalk line to new binding covered edge. So if you want to alter a corset training corset you have that’s too high at the top or too low at the bottom, I have the solution! 🙂

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Video 8: Venturing Outside In My Training Corset

Ventured out in my corset for the first time today, I was stealthing in several jumpers but still it was my first outing! Also tested wearing my corset over a body compression garment for less corset liner type wrinkling.
Plus I measured the top edge of the corset to find the loop side is 2/8 inch longer, won’t effect the corset training but does explain the slight leaning to the left at the front.

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Video 7: No Corset Liner, The Effects

Today Nuka is doing her best to be adorably pesky, sorry for the many cute interruptions. I’m trying out corset training without the corset liner and discovering that; no corset liner = bone channel and eyelet marks on my skin, fun. Plus low-rise jeans are still not working for me and my corseted waist measurement is 28 1/2 inches today. PS if I look red (besides under the corset) that’s because I’m actually a little allergic to dogs ? I know, it’s a cruel world.

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Video 6: My Corset Liner & Skin Condition

In this video I try a belt n high waist jeans and yes my corset gets stuck in my belt, oh well we’ll throw that one out of the corset wardrobe! I show you how my corset liner looks after taking the corset off, and how my skin looks after taking the liner off.

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Video 4: A Spot of Bother From My Waist Trainer

This morning I took my corset off in a huff because I felt restricted and was having one of those mornings. I tried again latter in the day and all went well. The corset is starting to look more like it fits my shape, I’m not sure if that’s because it’s molding to my shape or because I’m becoming familiar with it and learning how to wear it correctly.

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    • Scarlett Sapsford

      Aww, thank you Monica! *blush*

      I’m so glad you like the course, if you feel like sharing your finished corsets, I love seeing pics of people’s work!

      Also, I’ve added you to my mailing list 🙂

      Scarlett xx


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