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Corset Making Inspiration Is Everywhere

Getting corset making inspiration can sometimes be difficult, especially when you're new to Corsetry, but even experienced corset makers can sometimes get a bit stuck. But ideas for fabrics, colors, decoration and even corset pattern designs can come from anywhere....

“Your body should feel ‘hugged’ – If it hurts in any way you’re doing it wrong!”

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Waist Corset Training Timescale

Everyone reduces down at different rates (yes you knew I was going to say that). However, there are general rules and guides you can use to guesstimate what you can expect. Here we're going to get into the factors that might affect your waist / corset training...

Lacing a Corset Training Corset

There are various methods for lacing a corset but for corset training purposes a criss-cross method from top to bottom with the edition of rabbit ears (sometimes called bunny ears), is most functional and makes tightening a corset training corset properly and without...

Corset Pattern Design ‘Daily Sketches’

Two weeks ago I started to post daily corset pattern sketches on social media to both inspire anyone stumped for ideas and as a bit of a challenge for myself to stretch my imagination. I stopped this weekend but I've mulled it over and decided to continue...

How to Lace a Corset

There are various methods for lacing a corset but for corset training purposes, a criss-cross method from top to bottom with the addition of rabbit ears (sometimes called bunny ears) is the most functional, and makes tight-lacing without assistance much easier. The...

Making a Mock Up From the CAD Corset Pattern

If you read my previous post, you'll remember I've been designing a digital mannequin with my CAD professional Simon with the purpose of designing corset patterns to then print out and use. We've initially made the mannequin to my proportions and Simon drafted a...

A Secret Project to Improve Corset Pattern Precision!

All Quiet On the Corset Making Front It's been very quiet on Corset Training this month...too quiet some might say. Well it's not without good reason I assure you. I've been busy working on a project with a very talented CAD designer to come up with a digital 3D...

A Corset Mock-up & a Leather Hip Bag

Yep you did read correctly, a leather hip bag is on the agenda today. I had some time this morning to get going on a little side project and I've always wanted to make a leather corset. But as I don't want to jump straight into making a corset with this beautiful but...

Picture Postcards from the Valentine’s Shoot

I've still not updated (read reinstalled) my photo page *slaps wrist* I know, I know, a lot of you are waiting for the photos to go up of your corsety creations! And it also means that the picture postcards for the Valentine's shoot haven't got anywhere to live. So...


    • Scarlett Sapsford

      Aww, thank you Monica! *blush*

      I’m so glad you like the course, if you feel like sharing your finished corsets, I love seeing pics of people’s work!

      Also, I’ve added you to my mailing list 🙂

      Scarlett xx


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