How To Make Underwear

If you’re looking to learn how to make lots of different types of underwear, there are several aspects and techniques to the general sewing of underwear that can be applied to a variety of garment. For example sewing elastic and working with lace are great for both bra and pantie making. We touched on what should always be considered when choosing to make underwear on the How To: Underwear Wiki page but for more pointers on comfort, fit, design etc, check out the comprehensive starting points below.

Here however we’re going to concentrate on one more technical aspect of underwear making and a skill shared across the various ‘intimate apparel’ garments. So if you’re looking to create a range of nightwear then start here for a broad education that will benefit all of your underwear makes:


Elastic Sewing For Pantie Making

A Panty Sewing Trick That Gets You ✨PRO Results!

This is a shortened exert from the Rita Panty Pattern Booklet  (You Can Get The Rita Pantie Pattern HERE)

Sewing elastic can seem a little tricky because you need to stretch it slightly as you sew it on and pulling the elastic just the right amount all the way around the seam can be a worry for a beginner.

But you can get a consistent amount of stretch easily using this technique! We’re going to use the example here of the waist opening on the Rita Panty Pattern.




A few basic points to consider when learning how to make underwear –


Ways in which sewing underwear is different to sewing any other item of clothing –

Sew Underwear You Will Actually Wear – Make Underwear Practical/Comfortable

Underwear should always be comfortable before it is stylish (and it should be both ideally). Obviously this doesn’t apply to lingerie designed to be worn only in the bedroom, i.e put on just to be taken off again. The majority of underwear is made however, with the intension of being worn all day against the skin on some of the most sensitive areas of the body. So always consider how comfortable your creations are, even if you’re planing to make your own underwear for no one but yourself. It can be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever sewn but if your DIY underwear cuts in, rubs or doesn’t fit you’re not going to want to wear it.


How To Make Underwear That Fits

A no brainer, if it doesn’t fit correctly your custom underwear won’t just be uncomfortable but it’ll look unflattering too. So take the time to perfect the underwear pattern by making it up in some cheap/scrap fabric and adjusting it for the wearers body before you get going with your pretty underwear makes. The other less obvious thing to consider is the style and support of your chosen underwear design. Is it suitable for its use/the wearers body. You wouldn’t want to wear lace panties at the gym, the fabric would be unsuitable for the activity. Similarly you wouldn’t want spaghetti bra straps on a bra for a large bust, they would cut into the shoulders on account of the amble bosom weight which again comes back to my previous point about comfort.


Aesthetics & Practicalities of Color

As well as a style choice, color needs to be carefully considered for a completely unique reason when you sew underwear – because underwear is worn underneath other clothing. Sometimes a natural skin tone is preferred to conceal the presence of underwear, other times a contrasting color is used against the outerwear to make a statement. How your sewn underwear will look underneath clothing is something you should consider from the moment you start to design your underwear or pick your fabrics and underwear patterns.


How To Sew Underwear Properly

Getting techniques correct can be the difference between a garment that fits and washes well, and one that feels uncomfortable and falls apart in the wash! Take the time to practice any new techniques on scrap fabric and take your time when sewing underwear together for the first couple of times. Bra making can be especially tricky! You can speed up once you have managed to sew underwear projects a few times slowly without mistakes.


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If you’re looking to learn how to make lots of different types of underwear, there are several aspects and techniques to the general making of underwear that can be applied to a variety of garment. For example sewing elastic, working with lace etc.
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