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“I only just managed to get my first corset finished before wearing it to an awesome festival I went to on the weekend 🙂 I made the whole outfit and we were having a blast making everything all tribal. Thankfully the corset held up really well and was such a great fit! I used the plunge overbust from [your] Express Corset Making Course and I just love it!

[follow up] I am still using your patterns for quite a few of my corsets and the course was one of the best things I invested in.”


This was her first but Meli has now made tons of corsets, check out her Facebook page, Miss Meli Corsetry

“I made a corset!!! I MADE A CORSET! I can’t believe I did it and I think I have a new thing to sew in the winters besides coats.

I’ve always wanted a better belt to wear with my kimonos. […] So after my recent discovery of, I made a corset belt with the free pattern. […] As you can see, it gives some curve to a usually flat kimono outfit 🙂 It looks very… the west meets the east!”


Jue has a blog where she posts about her sewing projects,

“So I bought the Corset Making Course by Scarlett Sapsford, and finally learned how to pattern match! This is my first go at it, using the plunge pattern she did in the video. She is an amazing instructor!”


Heather's amazing pattern matching really makes this stunning Avengers corset!

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