So I’m vaaaaaguely on track to bring out three new and fabulous corset patterns for Valentines Day, hence the being so quiet! I’ve either been hunched over the sewing machine or emailing round professional pattern graders trying to find one suitable to grade my corset patterns. (If you’re not familiar with ‘grading’ it means I give the nice CAD software savvy person my pattern and they give it back to me in several different sizes plus a nice bill). In the past I’ve done it myself and it takes me forever. With the programs out there that professional companies use it’s much easier and I dare say more accurate.

Anyway I’ve been shut off in my sewing room for far too long so I’ve decided to keep a bit of a daily blog diary of how I’m progressing up until Valentines Day. Last night I took a brake from sewing to make up two head dresses for the shoot. I’ve always wanted to have a go at floral head gear and recently became obsessed with Ophelia Overdose the corsetry model who’s pretty much queen of the flowery head wreath.

Fortuitously my mother has done floristry so I nicked a fair bit of her wire and borrowed some tools. The flowers are fake so these are going in the dress up inventory after the shoot 😀 Above is the first which I did all by m’self *puffs out chest* and to the left is my mothers handy-work ….yes hers is better!

I just had a bit of an impromptu tester shoot with the first corset in the 3 pattern set – the suspender corset, to see how the flowers went with it and I wanted to share them with you.

Had a play with a vintagey look as is the plan for the shoot. Looks good to me.

And here is the obligatory armpit sniffing shot 😀 –

And then Layla wanted in, after all she is the Corset Training mascot –

Lovely lovely attention, hold the camera, more ear strokes please. Tomorrow hopefully more of an update on what I’ve been sewing!

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