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This apoca-chic hip bag is perfect for looking bad-ass while the 3 pocket design holds a deceptively large amount of stuff.

Instructions include photos of every step including how to create the straps.

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UPDATE – You can now get the pattern above! More info HERE

Yep you did read correctly, a leather hip bag is on the agenda today. I had some time this morning to get going on a little side project and I’ve always wanted to make a leather corset. But as I don’t want to jump straight into making a corset with this beautiful but unfamiliar fabric, I thought I’d start with something a little less complicated. (Plus I’ve always wanted to make a bag!) So here are the designs I’ve been making –

I’m going with a simple on the hip design as shown in the top right but probably leaving off the garter bit.

I used some scrap fabric and pins to work out a sewing pattern for it by literally placing it on my hip and drawing on the fabric. I’ve also got a load of leather to practice with from my aunts old sofa! This is where I’m up to with it –

There’ll be a zip along the top and a second pocket compartment on the front. I’ll also be making a corset mock up today, more piccys later!

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