100+ Corset Designs


This art book boasts over 125 completely different corset designs organized into chapters to make it easier to navigate, the book includes Underbusts, Overbusts, Lace Embellishments, Elaborate Designs And Surfaces, Over The Shoulder Designs, Body Suits and Corset Dresses, Cupped Corsets, Historically Inspired and Chelsea Flower Show Designs.

Every time you get stuck for ideas or just want an inspirational boost you can flip to a section or just flick through the multitude of color combinations, styles and embellishments to get yourself excited about the making process!

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Do You Want To Open Your Imagination To The Creative Possibilities Of Corsetry & Unlock Your Own Unique Style?


Beyond the construction techniques and technical aspects of corset making, there is precious little available on the creative side of the art of corsetry. Inspiration for embellishing, altering design aspects or even picking colors and creating a look and feel all your own are pretty thin on the ground. This need to explore the creative possibilities of corsetry and inspire others to do the same was the basis for my 100+ Corset Designs Art book.


I have rounded up 100 of my corset illustrations, some of them reworked, along with many new designs including my Chelsea Flower Show collection, and categorized them here for you in high resolution as the 100+ Corset Designs Art book. I hope they will continue to excite and inspire for years to come.


These illustrations have been organized into chapters to make it easier to find designs relevant to the specific corset project you are working on.


Underbusts and Overbusts contain basic designs for those types of corset. The chapter that follows called Lace Embellishments introduces surface decoration which leads on to Elaborate Designs And Surfaces which showcases more advanced design ideas. The following chapters cover unique design aspects; Over The Shoulder Designs, Body Suits and Corset Dresses and Cupped Corsets. Then follows Historically Inspired which as the name suggests are the designs that borrow elements from historical garments. The last short chapter entitled Chelsea Flower Show Designs includes an introduction on how to find inspiration anywhere and includes designs I created from studying flowers. Some designs belong in more than one category so there is an Illustrations List at the back to make finding what you’re looking for even easier.


I hope you discover much pleasure and inspiration within these pages and as always, good luck with all of your corset making endeavors.


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