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Grab this sleek and simple, hassle free corset pattern I’ve made for you! 

It’s a free PDF that drops into your inbox instantly and prints off on your home printer. You can have your first corset pattern in your hands in 5 minutes time!

A great first pattern, there is no front closure to worry about and it’s short body means no worrying about hip measurements either!

This is a completely FREE sewing pattern, along with it you’ll get emails from me guiding you through making your first corset (you can unsubscribe any time and I never share your email, that’s a promise!)

Downloadable Pattern & Booklet – Instant Access!

About My Printable Corset Patterns

This Free Corset Pattern downloads and prints off on your home printer in sizes 8 – 18 UK (US & EUR sizes included)


The corset sewing patterns on this website are my own creations so you won’t find them anywhere else, they’re born of the growing need by the modern corset maker for more fashionable, sexy, contemporary pattern styles.

I have designed this pattern as a PDF to print straight off a home printer onto US Letter or A4 paper. This corset pattern is downloadable, you will be able to save it to your computer and print instantly!

This pattern comes with a booklet that includes an explanation of the pattern, a guide to picking the correct size and my complete list of online suppliers. Each booklet also has full, detailed instructions, with pictures, on any unique aspects of the pattern not covered in regular corset making.


What You Can Use My Patterns For

Copyright for all patterns belongs to Miss Sapsford (that’s me) and they can be used for anything including making corsets to sell professionally. However – giving away or selling the actual patterns, altered or otherwise, is prohibited. If you’d like to sell my products I’d love to have you as an Affiliate!



This is what you’ll get, Free! –

  • PDF Corset Pattern in sizes 8 – 18 UK (US & EUR Sizes Included)
  • Illustrated Pattern Booklet


Any problems just email corsettraining’at’ for a prompt response.

Have You Grabbed Your FREE Corset Pattern?

Get an instant copy of my FREE & Easy Corset Sewing Pattern.  

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