Moving Into Underwear…

…Why This Is Going To Be Amazing

The votes are in from my email poll!  (Thank you to all who gave me their two cents)

As a result I’m looking toward expanding my range into Underwear Patterns (and potentially beyond) as 77% of you wanted to see underwear patterns of some kind from me!

AND we are on the brink of my upcoming Rita Panty Launch! Which will be the perfect way to gauge your undie-making interest!


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POST 1: Moving Into Undies

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FUN-derwear Research

The best kind of research involves shopping! After you all voted for more undergarments than just corsets (only 11% wanted just corset patterns) I took to the shops to do some research.

It was fate, my local department store just started stocking Agent Provocateur! A gorgeous and very well known luxury brand. It was everywhere so I stroked some fabrics, took some snaps and pinged some bra straps lol.

My Findings Luxury underwear is expensive!!! ? And the less fabric the higher the price tag! But this is good news for us sewing ladies…


There is little effort involved in putting together a pair of panties and even less fabric!

When you buy underwear the cost can really mount up, I’ll often buy 3 bottoms to one bra, and that’s the pretty stuff!

And pretty underwear is a luxury item and it comes with the luxury price tag. But pretty is just as easy to sew as sensible!



I’ve been corset making almost 10 years now and the best bit about sewing is definitely the freedom to choose your own fabrics and style. If you sew your own then you can completely customize the look and feel, your underwear can be as unique as you!

How else are your panties gonna be guaranteed to match your corsets?



And with the time it takes to knock up some knickers being quicker than hunting round the shops for the right underwear…

…I think we’re onto a winner here girls! 



Now I’ve sewn the Rita Pattern I must admit I’m hooked. I can’t believe I didn’t start sewing these things sooner, they’re so quick and easy!

AND in my next post I’m actually going to prove it! (Incase you’re still not 100% on board)

I’m going to TEACH YOU a full proof way to sew pantie elastic like a pro! It’s the only fiddly bit, eliminated!

Your pantie elastic will be perfectly even every time! ?



Please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think! I’d love your opinions and any objections or concerns let me know those too! All feedback is good feedback!

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Also I had some fab email replies about future patterns from you and just had to include a few of them that really peeked my interest –

Flossy has requested

‘Future sewing patterns for puppys!  Dog coats and hats and accessories’
Don’t tempt me Flossy! ? I may be trialing a few doggy items in the future, Nuka gets very cold.

I’ve also been asked for a corset pattern for men, an overbust corset for everyday wear and Delanie says

‘I would love to see some nice work appropriate blouses with a vintage feel that can be altered to fit a corseted waist. They are so hard to find. Same with skirts.’

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