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I’ve had some seriously excited emails and comments from you about the prospect of underwear sewing patterns!

I will get round to reading every single email but so far a request for thongs, several requests for different types of bras and funnily enough more interest in dog-wear lol. My last post got a comment from Elizabeth about how to sew the gusset on panties, much easier than you’d think! You can check out my reply with photo on the previous post, but it will all be covered in the Rita Sewing Pattern when it finally launches. Also below you’ll find gorgeous high res postcards you can click and save!

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POST 3: The Most Beautiful Panties

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The comment I do want to highlight, or rather my response to it, was from Mary who was first to ask about bras. I replied –

“Hi Mary, I genuinely want to take the ‘plunge’ (listens for groan) into bras and include the larger sizes. I will need to completely outsource bra pattern drafting though as I know nothing about it and would want a professional handling the technical side. I’m basically waiting to see what response the Rita Panty Pattern gets when it’s released next week to gauge interest in underwear. Basically the sales from the Rita will go to fund bra design! So it’s a tense moment in my sewing career ? This summer will mark 10 years for Corset Training! Releasing bra patterns for it would be amazing!”

I wanted to share that one as it’s where I officially stand on bra patterns. If the Rita sales will fund it and the interest is there, then bra patterns will follow to celebrate 10 years of!

Can you believe it, I started teaching corset sewing 10 whole years ago almost! So that’s kinda why for me, the next pattern launch has a lot riding on it besides being the first underwear pattern! ? but more about that later.

First I promised in my last post that I would share with you some gorgeous photos of my home sewn panties! And talk about the gorgeous fabrics you probably already have in your stash that would be perfect for making your own!…


Click each postcard thumbnail below to get the high res version. Please do save copies to keep as inspiration.

So these are my very first home sewn panties! Quick and easy to whip up and requiring the least amount of material you’re ever going to need for a craft project. We all need panties, and we all want underwear that looks great and makes us feel good wearing it.

They can be so expensive to buy, yet how good do they look made up at home!? ? definitely my new favorite sewing pattern!!!

You can have an underwear draw full of these in an afternoon!


I hope you found these photos inspirational and they’ve made you hungry for sewing your own!

So lets talk about the gorgeous fabrics you probably already have in your stash that would be perfect for underwear ?

Basically you can use any ‘Jersey knit‘ fabric. Usually a cotton, jersey knit is the stuff T-shirts are made from but it’s a very common fabric and you need just a scrap of the stuff to make a pair of panties. You can even cut up old T-shirts!

These are the ones I found in my stash boxes alongside some corsetry scraps that would work well for the front panel on the Rita pattern.

I’m going to start a panty production line with a few of these fabrics being first in line alongside a few favourite old T shirts of my sons. For some reason I like the idea of having Scooby Doo across my bum ? maybe I’m just weird!

But back to the future of the pattern collection and yes the patterns that I create next will be very much dependent on how the next launch goes, making the Rita an extremely important new addition to our pattern family. Hopefully the first of many underwear sewing patterns. ?

I will as always have an Awesome Offer for you to mark the launch of the Rita Panty Pattern, you will need to read my next email to gain access so if you’re not on the list, pop your email in the box below! 

So if you’re ready to create you own underwear-draw-enclosed pantie paradise ? then keep your eyes on your inbox! Be on the lookout, because it’s going to be a LIMITED time offer.

And if you want underwear patterns to happen please don’t be shy, TELL ME in the comment section below! Let me know first that you want them and secondly what you want! I read everything! 

Thank you for being a part of this fun and fabulous underwear experiment, my excitement to finally share the Rita Pattern with you is insane! ? May all of your panties be pretty and perfectly frame your peachy posterior! xxx


I’ll never share your email with anyone.


Also don’t forget to check out the gorgeous printable corset patterns in my shop if you’re looking to get sewing!

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