I was recently asked for advice on waist training and dieting to reduce waist size, I thought the response might benefit a number of readers who feel they’re a little on the large size for a corset:

Hi, you can corset train at any size and while it won’t cause you to lose weight directly it will restrict your food intake by putting pressure on your stomach. This means you’ll feel full much sooner, allowing you to eat what you want but in smaller portions – like a gastric band but without the surgery and a lot more glamorous! Putting on a corset will automatically streamline your shape removing the rounded tummy too. You can train your waist at any size but excess body fat will slow down the process.

I suggest using a corset along with some light exercising every morning, nothing that involves joining the gym or even leaving the house. I’d recommend a ‘step’ machine, they take up virtually no space and mean you don’t have to leave your bedroom. I have one with a handle in my room but that takes up a bit more space; putting it near a wall, table or chair so you can place a hand out to steady yourself if need be, works well. Getting a skipping rope is a lower cost option but only if you have a decent sports bra already! The trick is not to make a big thing out of exercising, if you feel it’s a big change you’re more likely to give it up, that’s why joining the gym so often doesn’t work; it’s a big change and we’re creatures of habit. Just pop it out in the morning when you wake up (before eating or drinking as a night’s empty stomach means your body will break down your fat reserves to fuel the exercise) and just do 5 minutes before you shower, put your corset on and get ready for work etc – I send text messages while I’m on mine or watch TV.

After a week, move up to 10 minutes, then 15 the next week then 20 the next and stay at 20 minutes. 20 minutes’ light sweat is enough to seriously break down fat and will speed up your metabolism. A higher metabolism means you’ll burn more calories just going about your day-to-day life and the corset will lessen your food intake. Again just don’t make any big changes to your normal routine, no calorie counting or cutting out foods, just eat till comfortably full and don’t force yourself to finish something.

I can give you more advice on corset training, or you could find somewhere near you so you can browse and get a feel for them; you’ll need a good quality underbust with a cotton coutil lining to wear either under or over your normal clothes, depending on your fashion tastes and always wear a cotton vest under the corset to stop sweat from your body making it dirty.

Let me know if this was useful, feel free to ask me more questions, Scarlett x

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