Two weeks ago I started to post daily corset pattern sketches on social media to both inspire anyone stumped for ideas and as a bit of a challenge for myself to stretch my imagination. I stopped this weekend but I’ve mulled it over and decided to continue indefinitely, to see how long I can come up with daily original corset pattern ideas. I’m going to sort out a dedicated page for them but until then here are the 14 previous corset designs and todays smoking jacket inspired one, as well as a few oldie but goodie sketches. You can follow along daily on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be adding Instagram and some others soon (yep I know, I’m behind the times!) I’m going to try hashtagging (yes I’m being that brave) #dailycorsetpattern should work right? We’ll give it a go! Feel free to join in and ‘at’ me – @makeacorset. But while I’m working out the intricacies of hashtagging please enjoy the following daily corset sketches!



‘Day Dream’. This is the sketch that started them off. Everyone liked it so much I started the daily sketches.


‘Flame On’


‘Petal Corset’. Went a bit girly with this one.


A little more ‘Classic Chic’ from my sketch pad today


Today something ‘Racy and Red’


Trying to work out how to attach ‘Angel Wings’ to a lacing guard for today’s inspiration pic


‘Button Down’ front, a little military/formal inspired and an excuse to add a bow tie


‘Blue’ piping and leather inspired design in the sketchpad today


‘Strapped’ design with bumper cleavage!


Padded, cupped corset design. ‘Biker Chic’


This one came out a bit ‘Steampunk Star Trek’, if that’s even a thing! I’m diggin’ it either way


Explorative sketch today, ‘Variations On A Bullet Bra Corset’. I’ve been studying vintage bras and their construction. I ❤ 50s style


A bit ‘Myths And Legends’ this one. Icarus inspired maybe with a bit of Wonder Woman? I like wings and swords 😀


‘Peach And Lace’ design today with a shaped edge and a soft & floaty feel ❤

And today’s corset pattern sketch –


A blue and black ‘Velvet Waistcoat’/smoking jacket inspired design today.

Some bonus sketches from before the daily patterns –

Bullet Bra corsetpattern

My Design for a Ribbon and a Bullet Bra corset

Dragon corset pattern

The Dragon Corset Sketch

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