Last night I started constructing a new pattern for a really sturdy tight lacing corset to start corset training with again. As some of you already know, I stopped some time ago now and have been meaning to start again.

Part of the problem I had was not having a really comfortable everyday training corset – I just never took the time to make one or have one made for me.

So here are some photos of the process. The design is an active style so comes up low, allowing for movement and means my underwire bra won’t pinch between corset and skin. I’ve drawn on two potential bottom lines for some variation in the pattern.

I’ll be making a mock up next and fitting it to my body as I’m obviously not the same shape as the mannequin although it has a lovely conical shape which I’ll be keeping for shaping my ribs. So check back or subscribe via RSS or google reader to see it progress!

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