What’s in it? The curve of a corset? Is it just luck that some girls turn into walking hourglasses when they don a corset, while others tend to get a straight up straight down effect? Or is it a case of how long you’ve been corset training?

Well take it from me that while the smallest waists take years to achieve, the curvy corseted effect should be instant the moment you tighten a good quality corset. The emphasis is definitely on ‘good quality’ though. Bad quality corsets are easy and cheap to pick up, they may even look the part with fancy frills and detailing. But the moment you put them on you’ll know they’re low quality. It’s all down to the corset pattern they’re made from.

A cheap corset won’t bring you in at the waist like a professionally made one will, they’re designed to fit a standard figure and to fit as many people as possible, so the curves (if it has any) will be a lot less dramatic. It takes skill to make a corset that fits properly and you pay for that skill.

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