Waist corsets (or corset belts as they’re also called) are usually no more than 5-7 inches tall and place pressure purely on the waistline. They’re less comfortable because of this but allow for a much greater freedom of movement than longer corsets.

Not a lot of good for corset training, the waist corset does have it’s uses, mainly as a fashion garment but it’s not completely useless to a tight lacer. Having a corset belt in your inventory means that if you need to take a brake from waist training or have to go without for some reason – if your going on a hiking holiday for example. You can use your waist corset to maintain your waist line while still being able to perform energetic activities.

The corset belt is a great starter sewing project for a would-be corset maker. The lack of a busk and minimal sewing make it an easy corset patte

If you fancy making a waist corset you can get my free corset pattern for one on this page – Free waist corset pattern just scroll to the bottom.

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