What is squish factor? Well I’ve heard a few people talk about corset sizing in terms of this amusing word ‘squish’. Maybe I just picked up on it because I declared ‘squish’ my favourite word a few years back – it has a certain ring to it don’t you think?

But when it comes to choosing your corset size, this is an accurate term to use. Some women (and men) squish more than others believe it or not. It’s all down to fat and muscle. While it’s true you’ll never get uber tiny if you have a lot of those pesky pounds lingering on your waist line, you’ll find you can condense fat a lot easier than muscle and will get a bigger initial reduction than someone with no ‘meat on her bones’. Which is always nice to know. The best way to check your squish factor is to go try on some corsets in a shop and make a mental note of the waist size you’re comfortable lacing down to.

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