A Non-Corsetry Make - Alexander Henry Fabric NeckTie

I made a necktie! Yes it’s a little different to a corset but I fancied the change and I love being able to create outer wear and accessories to match the corsets I’m wearing. I wear shirts and ties myself but I’m also very aware that a lot of corset wearers and their partners like to coordinate their outfits. And while putting your other half in a waistcoat matching your corset might feel a little OTT, a matching tie seems about right to me.


So I got it into my head last week that ties would be a super make for my own love of formal wear and for all the corset wearers out there who’s partners might be feeling a little overshadowed by their glamorous corset-filled wardrobes. I did some googling and found this amazing pattern and youtube instruction video by Proper Fit Clothing.


I can honestly say it was a nice easy make, I took my time with it as it was my first and a present for a friends Birthday but I may now have the necktie bug! I made some alterations; the pattern is for a plain one piece tie but I added the fabric change on mine from the plain taupe colour to the Alexander Henry ‘Tattoo’ fabric. I also changed the tie keeper on the back completely so I could get in another Alexander Henry skull.


Pretty sure there are more neckties in my sewing future. I hope you liked seeing something a bit different, let me know in the comments box below what you think, if you’d like to see more of the non-corsetry stuff I make and what fabrics you think would make awesome neckties!


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