Hi Scarlett,
I just read through your two books, and it is wonderful that you put all this information together for those who want to learn more about making corsets!  I have been making corsets for a while now (all self-taught), and I still learned a couple new techniques through your book.
However,  I have been searching for some time for more information on double boning corsets using two 1/4″ bones on either side of the seam WITHOUT sandwiching the boning channels between the shell and the lining, and also without using boning casing, which never seems to cooperate with me. I usually use the seam allowance pocket to create channels for my boning, and I can’t seem to figure out how to use that method (or something like it) to achieve the double boning.
If you have any information you can share, or any other resources you can point me to that may help, I would be forever grateful!!!
Thank you so much for putting this wonderful corset making resource together for all those beginners out there! You did a very good job with all your descriptions, so I hope you can help with my inquiry.
Thank you again,
-Danica McCracken

Hi Danica, I’m having a bit of trouble working out exactly what you’re asking (it’s a hard thing to describe, the different methods of bone insertion) so if I get it wrong email me back.

So you want to insert two 1/4 inch strips of boning without using just the outer & coutil lining fabric as casing but instead using the seam allowance.

To do this there are two methods; iron the seam allowance open on outer & lining fabric (rather than to the left or right), hand sew down the seam thus sewing together the outer & lining fabric. Now you’ll have two seam allowance flaps either side of the seam and you can sew down each side creating two boning channels each made up of a double layered pocket of seam allowance and outer/lining fabric.

If you don’t want your boning channels showing on the outside then iron your lining seam allowance and outer fabric seam allowance so they will sit on opposite sides of the seam when the corset is made up. Then sew the seam allowance together on each to make your two channels, when you make the corset up they will be sitting next to each other either side of the seam and you can slot your bones in before you bind the top edge.

– I hope that answers your question, let me know, & send me some nice piccys of your handy work! Scarlett

If you have any questions about corset making, boning, tight lacing or sewing you can email me at my email – [email protected]

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