One of the questions I see discussed in corset training forums regularly is what size corset to buy, how small is too small when you’re losing weight?

A lot of women (and a few men) tight-lace in conjunction with dieting and as they lose weight their waist gets smaller too. Corsets are very expensive, so getting the size right to last you a good 4-6 months is important. Nothing puts you off shrinking your waist like knowing you’ll have to fork out for a new corset next month at the rate you’re going!

So should you get a corset the recommended 4 inches smaller than your natural waist or should you go smaller?

There’s no easy answer to this I’m afraid, the best method for working it out is to go into a shop and try some on if you’re getting an off the peg. If you’re having one custom made, you can check in the mock-up stage if you can take an extra inch or two off and not be uncomfortable/have too big a gap at the back. Make sure if you’re going custom (and not making it yourself) that your maker goes through the mock up stage and you get to try it on. I’ve ordered some custom corsets from overseas to see how well they would fit – unfortunately none of them were wearable! And off the pegs always fit me. So when in doubt, try them out! Also make sure if you order online you can return them if they don’t fit.

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