I bought this Cricut Explore to find out if I could cut out my corset patterns from corset training strength fabric at the touch of a button. That was about a year ago. So far it’s been an expensive, oversized paper weight. I have finally gotten round to designing a corset training pattern for my personal use (a bit of self indulgence after the massive corset pattern revamp in my shop!) and braved the new technology…

Testing The Water With Corsetry Embellishments

I designed my perfect corset pattern, made it in illustrator, worked out how to put it into the Cricut Explore software and…

…wussed out and instead spent another day designing some intricate cut work embellishments to test on the machine first. I ordered some sheets of leatherette and one glittered felt-craft-sheet-thing for no reason other than ‘sparkly!’ Then I put the machine to work! And this mess happened….

corsetry embellishment cutting fail

corsetry embellishment roses

OK not a complete failure but between the design being very small/intricate, the leatherette being slightly spongy and the fluffy backing not sticking properly to the mat – I didn’t get anything usable on my first try. Also it turns out the correct machine for fabric cutting is the ‘Cricut Maker’ not the Cricut Explore series which I have.

? Technology why do you mock me so!

Anyway this machine likes you to add an iron on backing to everything fabric so I tried again with some heat n bond… with no real success.

finished corset decoration design corset training

Not one to give up after breaking free of a years procrastination, I switched to the much stiffer glitter sheet, added the strong heat n bond and made my second design as big as it would fit on the sheet.

And low! The tech Gods smiled and said yes you shall have an uber gothic sparkly rams skull!

I never get to say this but I am so happy I impulse bought that fabric sheet! And because I only had double sided heat and bond I have actually made myself an iron on corsetry appliqué!



corset making embellishment success

corset pattern cutting closeup


Cutting The Corset Training Fabric ?

So now for the actual corset pattern. I had added seam allowance of 6mm, this was a mock up really but as I was testing the machine as well I decided to go ahead with the good fabric – a corset training strength satin coutil. If I had to make pattern alterations and cut a second corset so be it.

I didn’t want to add a backing and coutil is by design non-stretch so I fiddled with the custom settings, crossed my fingers and went for it. *suspenseful button push*

And the result was easily the fastest and most accurate corset pattern I had ever cut out! (If you don’t include design and prep time that is) And with a mirror function it was easy to cut both halves of the corset too. I’m chuffed to bits!

corset pattern cutting on my cricut

corset pattern cutting

corset training design

I had to cut the material sections to fit the mat and make sure they were firmly pressed down. Also some areas were still attached by a couple of threads after cutting and needed a quick snip with the scissors, but that was it for manual work! Once the pattern is checked and tweaked I will forever have a corset pattern I can cut out at the push of a button, fabric compatibility permitting. So I can finally make myself that wardrobe of corset training corsets I’ve been promising myself for years 🙂

It’s also opened a world of possibilities for Corsetry embellishments and you can bet this is only the beginning for those!

This is far from my first attempt to make corset making easier with technology. Check out my Printable Corset Patterns if you want to instantly download and print a corset sewing pattern and start making a corset of your own immediately! No waiting days for mr Postman 🙂



corset design scraps
Corset designing scraps and spare leatherette – looks like I can piece together another rams skull just from the scraps!

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