I’ve had some requests for a bit more info on the time it takes to get results with corset training. I go into the dos and don’ts of waist training and the effects on the body in some detail in previous posts but I’ve had so many requests for an update on these topics (some of the previous detailed posts are around a year old) that I’m going to re-cover these topics this week – you might want to subscribe to my RSS feed if you’re a google reader fan.

So how long does it take to become a real tight-lacer? i.e. How long do you have to waist train to see real results? Well as we all know it’s different for different people etc. etc. but I’ve known some who’ve seen some real results within 6 months of starting – an inch or two in reduction. But you do have to wear your corset all day and night with only shower and exercise breaks and I definitely recommend doing some core muscle exercises to keep your stomach and back strong as a corset will support these areas and consequently the muscles will tend to weaken.

My opinion on how long you can get away with not wearing your corset daily for has changed since I started this blog. It really needs to be a matter of only a few hours a day that you leave your corset off for, and yes that means sleeping in it. I myself stopped corset training a good 8 months ago now and wear corsets only during the day and only as outerwear.

I will be starting again and keeping a video diary in a few months, so if you fancy starting up with me that’ll be a date to put in your diary. I’m going to make myself some super strong tightlacing corsets first – the alternative is very expensive so if you have a sewing machine and want to make your own, try my corsetry course and use two layers of coutil.

Now needing to wear a corset 23/7 to get a decent waist reduction doesn’t mean that you should jump straight into one, lace it up and shout ‘don’t let me out till Christmas I’ve got 10lb to shed!’ No no no, getting your body used to being constrained should be done gradually! I’ll go into the particulars in my next post but until then consider your lifestyle and how waist reduction and wearing a corset constantly would affect it.

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