So I’ve started making bras… ‘But what about corsets?!’, I here you cry.

Well I haven’t moved on if that’s what you’re thinking, no I’m just tackling a different type of corset; the bra/corset combo. Not the merry widow style with the bra cups attached to the corset but the separate bra with matching underbust – the type Dita Von Teese wears. This gives a nicer line in my opinion and makes the best burlesque corset.

So here’s some progress pics of my first bra which gives me the opportunity to show you the corded panels from my last post in use.

I’ve sewn the cup panels together but not the edges, so it all looks a bit scruffy at the mo. Rather than sew a normal seam, which would have resulted in too much bulk (thanks to my insistence on cording the top panels!) I have ‘butted’ the fabrics up against each other and, using a strip of rigid sheer liner fabric behind, zigzag stitched them together. Then I straight stitched some pretty elastic over the top to hide the join. You can see the reinforced join in the picture of the inside.

I used a stretch Lycra for the bottom of the cups which I hand quilted using wadding and criss cross lines of straight stitch to create the diamond pattern. You can see one lot of lines in the last picture before I turned the material round and sewed across them.


Dita in some of her many corset/bra combos

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