The bodice pattern is taking shape finally. We’re nearly there – yay! – I’ve just got the edges to finish off. Like with all my new corset patterns, I couldn’t resist trying it on before it’s finished, just to check the sizing is right of course! 🙂 So here are some photos so you can see how it’s looking, the fit is just right and I can’t wait to see how the tabs look once I’ve cut them (they’re all stuck together still to avoid premature fraying) I’ll be carefully cutting them apart and edging them in a few days’ time. First I need a rest and some retail therapy! I think the sewing machine will appreciate a bit of a rest and some quiet time too! I’ve been filming each stage as I go, this printable corset pattern will have its own video guide and workbook as it’s a specialist bodice pattern. So the filming has been making the whole process take a lot longer. I hate being on film too so my nerves are shot! 🙂 Click on the pics for bigger versions and a closer look. The red fabric is looking amazing, it’s my first use of heavy weight material as I always opt for the light cottons with the colourful designs. This bodice pattern may have converted me though! The feel is so much more luxurious and the sheen it has is fantastic.

Learning how to make a corset with fully boned panels has been time consuming but worth it, I love the bone channels and the effect they give.

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