Video 9: Final Corset Seasoning Session Corset 1

Final Corset Seasoning Session


So today I ventured out in my corset again for another road test as it were. I had coffee, did some shopping, bought some jeggings for future corset outfit testing and finally got home and took my corset off 5 hours later! I could happily have worn it for longer so I’ve decided to finish the seasoning videos for this first corset here. I give my final thoughts (for now) on this Timeless Trends corset and ending the seasoning here means I can go ahead and alter the corset next week as the extra long torso length is killing me slowly lol. Then I’ll continue to track my progress with it less frequently.

So I hit 28 inches today, outside corset waist measurement, and a total of 25 1/2 hours of corset seasoning.

This does also mean my 25% OFF in the shop is coming to an end. So only for the weekend, with the code WAISTED25 you can still get 25% discount if you’re quick!

As always, you can find more data and images on the Waist Trainers Diary page for my pre-corset training.

Video 9: Final Corset Seasoning Session Corset 1

Today I've been wearing my corset out again, for 5 hours! Discussing wardrobe; leggings and high waisted jeans, my final thoughts on this corset and how I plan to alter the torso length next week (yes that will be videoed!)

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