Video 7: No Corset Liner, The Effects

Going Skin To Corset


So I made good on yesterdays promise to try waist training without a corset liner, the marks on my skin aren’t as clear as I’d like but you can see all the bone channels, where the laces dug in on the hips and at the back a little and a lot more redness.

WARNING: This is a Nuka heavy video, her peskiness level is up by about 300%, apologies as she chose to have one of her mad half hours while I was filming.

Also I’ve tried low-rise jeans again, not really getting on with the jeans/corset outfit combo still. 28 1/2 inch waist today too so possibly a corset liner helps with going that little bit smaller because it’s softer against the skin? So enjoy much puppy adorableness! Again sorry she was such an interrupting little scamp today! PS if I look red (besides under the corset) that’s because I’m actually a little allergic to dogs ? I know, it’s a cruel world.

And don’t forget there’s 25% OFF in the shop with the code WAISTED25 until I finish seasoning this corset, which could be tomorrow! And as always you can navigate to the Waist Trainers Diary page for pre-corseting pictures and info.

Video 7: No Corset Liner, The Effects

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