Ryan LaRue's House of 1000 Corsets

Ryan LaRue’s Corsets

Ryan is one of the corset makers in our Facebook group. She has started her own corsetry brand House of 1000 Corsets and is making some truly stunning corsets.

I asked Ryan how she got into corsetry and what inspired her –

“I got into corset making from Lucy’s YouTube videos actually, I love the complexity and beauty of a corset. Also to be honest you’ve inspired me, and a few other makers such as Sparklewren, Retrofolie, Vanyanis and some others. You guys make such beautiful pieces I wanted so much to be able to accomplish that. I also love that moment where I put one on a client and they feel beautiful.

Right now I’m still trying to find some good names, I’m thinking of doing some bird names such as the Raven, Magpie and Dove. I also find inspiration in my son, family, and team, Bekki Caple, Erika Lynn and Lucy Madrid.”

You can check out her Facebook page here and the House of 1000 Corsets website here.

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