My Very First Corset

My First Corset

Yes this really is the first corset I ever made and my very first corset ‘photo shoot’, if you can call a doss about in my college photography studio a ‘shoot’.

I made this from an old waistcoat that belonged to my mum and boy I wish I’d taken a photo of the waistcoat before I cut it up. It was quite a transformation!

I’d never sewn anything before… that I’d finished anyway. I started a skirt once when I was about 13 at school but never finished it. I remember my mum’s reaction when I said I was going to learn to make corsets. There was a sigh, I think some head shaking along with the words ‘you never start with anything simple’ and then words to the effect of that corset is never going to happen. (I used to start a lot of things that never really happened.) Well look at me now mum!

That’s why I genuinely believe anyone can sew a corset, me, you, your mum, your old high school sports coach, your dog. (Well maybe not your dog). And that’s what this picture’s here for, to remind us all what a waistcoat and a lot of conviction can be turned into. Also so we can all laugh at my nasty green college hair.

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