Meli's Corsets

Meli’s Corsets

Meli has made an amazing number of corsets since she bought my course and started corset making at the end of 2014, they’re simply gorgeous. These are all the ones she made using the course including her very first corset!

“These are all the corsets I have made using Scarlett Sapsford’s Corset Making Course! 


(Referring to first photo)

  • Top two: both the same pattern of a modified sweetheart overbust from the compendium. The red has a spoon busk and hip ties.
  • Bottom left: is the sweetheart overbust, only modified for fit and to wear under a wedding dress.
  • Middle pic: is the longline underbust with no change in the pattern
  • Bottom right: is my very first corset, the plunge overbust from the videos in the course.

I absolutely love the course and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to make corsets. It has everything you need from great patterns, well made videos with very detailed explanations on every step of the process and the extra pattern matching and embroidered modesty panel is just amazing!
I honestly thought that something this great would be more expensive and I was prepared to pay much more for it. I bought it when the new version was released and I was so surprised at how affordable it is!
Check out my other work at Miss Meli Corsetry ?”


If you’re interested in making corsets yourself, you can check out the Express Corset Making Course here.


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