Lucys Plunge Overbust Corset

Lucy’s Plunge Overbust Corset

The lovely Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry reviewed my course back in 2014 and she was more than just thorough, she made the plunge pattern from the Pattern Compendium!

“It was cool going through the course as if I were one of her [Scarlett’s] students […] I was bad and I did not make a mock up so the bust ended up being a little bit small. […] This overbust pattern is a seven panel pattern and it is the exact same pattern that Scarlett had used for her own video tutorial when she was making the corset making course. So it was very easy to follow along since we were basically using the same pieces.”

You can watch Lucy’s video of the corset she made below, her review of my course below that and if you’re interested in making corsets yourself, you can check out the Express Corset Making Course itself here.

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