Jue's First Corset

Jue’s Angel Underbust Corset

Jue’s first corset made from my Angel Underbust corset pattern.

“I made a corset!!! I MADE A CORSET! I cant believe I did it and I think I have a new thing to sew in the winters besides coats. I’ve been thinking about making a corset for forever. […] I am just in love with those hip gores. I probably didnt choose the easiest pattern to sew my very first corset. There are some curves to deal with around the gore. But I fell in love with the pattern and could not resist. […] I now have two more corset in the plans – the cupid corset and the free corset belt from Scarlett /corsettraining.net again. Her designs really appeals to me. Now that I have most of the supplies, I think sewing one would go much faster! I cannot wait!”

You can read more about the making of Jue’s first corset on her website here. And if you’re interested in making one yourself, you can check out the printable pattern for the Angel here.

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