Video 10: How To Alter A Corset Training Corset

Altering Your Own Corset Training Corset


The what to do and what not to do of altering a corset training corset! Sorry this video is a few weeks later than promised, there were some hiccups and corset issues. I only finished it Saturday night (which was also Nuka’s birthday, she now has a facebook page so if you want to see her unwrap her pressies and eat cake check it out! –

So check the video out for before and after footage of the corset on and the whole process from my initial chalk line, drawn while wearing the corset then neatened after – to the binding of the corset edge and final fit. I can now sit on squishy stuff! I do love flomping on the sofa and it’s just not been possible in a corset too long for me.

This is my first time altering a finished/ready made corset instead of making one from scratch so excuse my figuring things out as I go.

What you’ll need if you plan to alter the edge of your own corset:
– chalk or something to draw on the new edge
– tin snips for cutting the steel bones
– new bias binding if your new edge is going to be more curvy (and therefore longer) then the original edge
– 2x Pliers & new end caps for spiral steels
– tipping fluid & metal file for flat steels
– sewing machine (optional) and needle and thread

Corset Design Sketch
Plus I mention there could be new corset patterns on the way, although that is all the detail I give!

So here is a very exclusive image of a mock-up for one of my corset illustrations, I have nothing more concrete to tell at the moment! –

Corset Pattern Mock Up
Video 10: How To Alter A Corset Training Corset

I show you everything from chalk line to new binding covered edge. So if you want to alter a corset training corset you have that's too high at the top or too low at the bottom, I now have the solution! 🙂

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