Corset Training How To: Breaking In Your Corset Trainer

This is your quick guide to getting started with corset training. If you’re just about to get started with your own waist reduction you should take the time to properly break in your corset. Here I give a simple method that is the bare minimum you should do to benefit from this process and then in the Advanced section I have a program sheet for you to print and record your progress on. Whatever way you choose to break in your corset trainer, don’t jumping straight into an 8 hour stint in a new corset! For more information and advice, start on the Corset Training Waist Corset Care Page. Also make sure you know how to Lace a Corset Training Corset properly.


“The bare minimum you should aim for is three 2 hour sessions before wearing your corset regularly”

Corset Seasoning – Simple Method

To break in a new waist trainer corset (please don’t corset train in a fashion corset!) you’ll need to find a minimum of three different occasions on which to wear it around the house for at least 2 hours.


  • Put your corset on and very gradually tighten it. Wriggle around in it as you tighten it little by little until it feels snug.
  • As a rule it should feel like a strong hug. It should also be comfortable at all times – discomfort is a sign that your corset is too tight.
  • Wear it for a half hour or so or until it starts to feel loose. Then do the same again; tightening it slowly and having a good wriggle.
  • If you can do this a third time after another half hour or so then do so. Don’t go too far, it needs to feel comfortable and tightening too much now may lead to weakened seams or poped eyelets.
  • Let the corset get used to your body shape, the areas under most pressure should start to stretch ever so slightly.
  • Don’t stay in it longer than 4-5 hours.
  • Repeat this on two more occasions and your corset should be ready to corset train in.


Corset Seasoning – Advanced Method

By more advanced I just mean more gradual. Ideally you want to season your corset trainer over around 30 hours. Use the corset seasoning program below to keep track of this. There are suggested time increments but write over them with your actual times. Listen to your body and progress gently and slowly. Your corset will last longer and your corset training experience will be much smoother!


Benefits For You And Your Corset Trainer

Easing into your training allows your body to adjust to your corset and vice versa. Allowing the tension in the fabric to ease and mold to your body leaves you with a more even overall fabric tension, which will ultimately feel more comfortable and even out the pressure on your body. By ‘settling in’ to your corset in this way you will avoid some of the aches and pains that have been associated with corset training and prolong the life of your corset.

corset trainer seasoning program log

corset trainer seasoning program log

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