Video 6: My Corset Liner & Skin Condition

How I’m Getting On With My Corset Liner & My Skin Condition


3 1/2 hours corseted today, fell asleep in it again didn’t I! Too many late nights and wearing a corset means no slouching, so laying down on the sofa is just too tempting. At which point snoozing happens but at least my waist trainer is comfy enough to sleep in!

Also today I took my corset off on camera, which I haven’t done since the very first video. It’s so you can actually see how my skin looks after the corset pressure. I give a bit of a review of the corset liner and you can see where it has wrinkled slightly under the corset. I’ll probably wear the corset without liner tomorrow to give you a comparison.

Corset outfit wise, today I’ve been trying out a belt with yesterdays high waisted jeans. It went well for most of the time I was wearing my corset, but bending over past a certain point results in my corset getting stuck in my belt! So these trousers aren’t high enough to stop the issue even with a belt. It seems trousers over a corset is looking like a no for me.

Just under 28″ waist today and I’ve now racked up 16 hours of corset seasoning time ? woop! So don’t forget there’s 25% OFF in the shop with the code WAISTED25 but only until I finish seasoning this corset!


And as always you can navigate to the Waist Trainers Diary page for pre-corseting pics and data to see my starting point.

Video 6: My Corset Liner & Skin Condition

In this video I try a belt n high waist jeans and yes my corset gets stuck in my belt, oh well we'll throw that one out of the corset wardrobe! I show you how my corset liner looks after taking the corset off, and how my skin looks after taking the liner off.

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