New Corset Training ‘Seasoning’ Record Sheet

I’ve created an updated corset seasoning record sheet after doing a fair bit of corset seasoning myself recently (check out the page A Waist Trainers Diary for my corset training videos). I put a lot of thought into this one ? It’s designed to fold in half and have a hole punched at the top so you can slide a thin corset lace through or tie some string to easily attach it to your corset when not being worn. Scroll down to the bottom to grab a copy that you can save and print for free. It’s a thank you to my readers and customers, love you guys ❤️ 

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More Customisation – Ideal For Corset Training Regulars

The last record sheet I designed for breaking in your corset was more for the beginner, with guidelines for timeframes etc but limited input. (Get the beginners Corset Seasoning Record Sheet here). This one’s less restrictive and has more options –

You still have corset name and number but there’s also a faint outline of a corseted mannequin so you can draw on the style of the corset it belongs to. I found that once I had 2 corsets the sheets got muddled up, so can you imagine having several! The little visual makes life much easier.


It’s more printer friendly too – the minimal design means low ink usage, plus it’s print quality resolution. Click the image at the bottom of this page for a high-res 300DPI image, just print at 100%.


The session log now has more options too – date, time on – time taken off, number of hours worn, total hours worn so far and waist size. Developed completely based on what I was writing in the margins on my old log but you can pick and choose which bits you want to fill in. I was finding I measured my waist before taking off the corset each day and tracking this gave me a good idea of how my body was getting used to the corset.

corset seasoning for long term corset training

Extra Long Time Frame Takes You To 6 Weeks Of Waist Training

You can record long term corset training progress on these as they unfold to 42 sessions (6 weeks). Ideal for if you have a long term waist reduction goal – you only need to print out a new one every month and a half.


There’s a little notes section too, perfect for stuff like ‘session 6 – only 4 hours, running marathon after lunch‘ or the slightly more likely ‘after session 12 took 2days off – monster hangover


Anyway as you can tell I’m pretty chuffed with it. I’m a stationary nut though so maybe it’s not as exciting to you lol. Either way let me know what you think and any improvements you’d like to see. ?


Click The Image For The Big Version

New corset seasoning record

New corset seasoning record – CLICK FOR BIG PIC (save and print free)



nuka corset training

Nuka modelling the new corset seasoning sheet.

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