One of my recent clients; George has agreed to let me include the making of his corset on Corset Training .net! This is very exciting as most of my clients want to keep their custom corset private. But George is a very flamboyant artist with a public image to match. This corset will be for attending gallery events and public appearances; which will make it a very exciting project indeed! You can subscribe to my RSS feed using the button thats at the top right of this page to follow George’s corset construction, but for now lets look at his first mock up.

George is unfortunately very hard to pin down but after two cancelled sessions we agreed to meet in the city. Here you can see the first mock up of the corset pattern; which I call the soft mock up as I don’t put any boning into it – getting the length of the corset right comes first as I cut all my own boning to size. George wants a corset more for show to be worn over shirts than for corset training purposes, so I kept the first mock up quite loose. The length is fine but we have agreed it needs taking in maybe 4 inches as he wants it quite tight. It is to be waistcoat-like with a masculine silhouette, of blue embroidered peacock feather brocade, straight bottomed, and half cupped for wearing with padding when he’s in full costume.

I’m really enjoying working with George – I will get a female client on here one day tho, I promise! Work to be done for George’s 2nd fitting – hard mock up: Needs taking in further. Cut panels and remove 4inches width all over, cut and insert boning – all bones to be spiral steel except lacing bones.


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