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I’ve had a lot of requests for information on underwear making, and while I have only made a few bras and panties myself (alongside the many corsets), I have done a lot of study on the various delicate frilly items that make up the staples of our under-wardrobe. I’ve also found some great online resources that I’d like to share. So I thought it was about time Corset Training got its own ‘how to make underwear’ hub. This new page and the series of ‘How To: Underwear’ articles that are being added regularly below are intended as a sort of broad underwear wiki for would be nightwear and underwear designers as well as home sewers looking to get into underwear making purely for the pleasure or superior fit.
The plan for the ‘How To Underwear’ Wiki is to cover the basics of bra and underwear making; such as women’s underwear styles, underwear fitting and how to measure underwear sizes for correct fit and for buying patterns. Below I’m going to give you a list of women’s undergarments as section headers. Each one will contain links to all the articles on that particular item. I’m going to start off with a general section to cover generic sewing techniques and where to get underwear supplies that will cover a broad range of different types of undergarment.
So if you’re interested in learning how to make underwear for business or pleasure but don’t know where to start – start here and follow the How To: Underwear series as we cover all the basic types of intimates.

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How To Make Underwear

First things first, this section is going to cover topics common to all forms of underwear making. It is the first section you should read in the How To Underwear Wiki as we’re going to cover things like elastic sewing which relates to multiple underwear makes such as panties and bras.
– To start with, here are a few things to consider (over the making of other clothing) when sewing underwear:
Comfort – Underwear should always be comfortable before it is stylish (and it should be both ideally). This obviously doesn’t apply to lingerie designed to be worn only in the bedroom, i.e put on just to be taken off again. The majority of underwear is made however, with the intension of being worn all day against the skin on some of the most sensitive areas of the body. So always consider how comfortable your creations are, even if you’re planing to make your own underwear for no one but yourself. It can be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever sewn but if your DIY underwear cuts in, rubs or doesn’t fit you’re not going to want to wear it.
Fit – A no brainer, if it doesn’t fit correctly your custom underwear won’t just be uncomfortable but it’ll look unflattering too. So take the time to perfect the underwear pattern by making it up in some cheap/scrap fabric and adjusting it for the wearers body before you get going with your pretty underwear makes. The other less obvious thing to consider is the style and support of your chosen underwear design. Is it suitable for its use/the wearers body. You wouldn’t want to wear lace panties at the gym, the fabric would be unsuitable for the activity. Similarly you wouldn’t want spaghetti bra straps on a bra for a large bust, they would cut into the shoulders on account of the amble bosom weight which again comes back to my previous point about comfort.
Color – As well as a style choice, color needs to be carefully considered for a completely unique reason when underwear making – because underwear is worn underneath other clothing. Sometimes a natural skin tone is preferred to conceal the presence of underwear, other times a contrasting color is used against the outerwear to make a statement. How your underwear makes will look underneath your clothing is something you should consider from the moment you start to design your underwear or pick your fabrics and patterns.

How To Make Corsets

Of course the how to underwear wiki had to include a guide to corset making! I specialise in teaching newbies how straight forward it is to make a corset for the first time with no previous experience. I have a great free waist corset pattern that you can get started with if this is you. Scroll up to get a free copy.

Most Recent Corset Making Articles:

Here are a few of the most recent corset making articles. You can check out all the corset related underwear making articles by clicking here. The below articles will introduce you to the materials needed to make corsets, where you can get them and some of my printable corset patterns.

Getting To Know Your Corset Making Materials and Equipment

This is a complete run through of all the equipment, materials and even fabrics you’ll need to create a corset for yourself. Some you might have heard of before but you need to know how to use all of them to make a corset. Don’t worry though if you’re completely new to this, it’s all explained in plain English with pictures. Read More

Your guide To Corsetry Shopping Online

When you’re starting out it can be difficult to find good places to shop for all the corsetry supplies you need. Here I’ve put together a list of all the corset making suppliers I know of online. You should have no problem acquiring the stuff you need to make a corset after going through this list and doing a bit of digital window shopping at the various sites. So check out this article for your online corsetry shopping guide. Read More


My Corset Patterns

This page has all of my corset pattern designs which are instantly downloadable and printable. The page includes a link to my free corset belt pattern to make it easier for you to get started if you’re making a corset on a budget (see also the free pattern download button in the section above)

I’ve also put together a special 3 for 2 offer to make progressing your skills a little bit cheaper! It’s a set of three printable PDF sewing patterns each a little more advanced than the next. To the right you can see the middle pattern; the Harlot corset pattern with built in suspender attachments.Read More Here


how to underwear for making corsets - harlot pattern


How To Make Bras

You only need to look at a bra to get confused about bra making but half the battle is familiarising yourself with the various components. It may seem confusing and a little fiddly at first but once you’ve mastered the basics of how to make a bra and found yourself some well fitting bra patterns, the actual time it’ll take you to sew bras when you need them is minimal. It just takes a little know how. Learn to make bras correctly and you’ll have beautiful, well fitting underwear that’s comfortable, supportive and will save you much time, agro and money trying to find exactly what you want in the shops. Further articles are to come directly below.

How To Make Panties

Making panties has got to be one of the easiest things to learn how to sew. Whether you want to make briefs, thongs, high waisted retro panties or boy shorts. So little time, effort and fabric is needed. So this section of the How To: Underwear wiki will cover the basics of panty construction and how to design panties that actually fit your backside. Then you can knock up your own hand made panties in a flash to go with your corsets and bras! Further articles are to come directly below.

How To Make Lingerie

The lingerie making section will cover anything not directly related to the above sections in the How To Underwear Making Wiki. This will include slips and frilly things like garters, lingerie sewing techniques and lingerie customisation. There are some great resources I’m looking forward to sharing with you in here. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make lingerie myself so we can learn together as we go. Further articles are to come directly below.

Watson Bra Making


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