For all the waist trainers out there looking to make a corset for the first time, I have a free corset pattern for you to try out! If you’re new to corset training this will be a great introduction to the world of tight lacing – the waist corset pattern. If you’re just starting out as a corset seamstress, this is again a great pattern for beginners as there is no busk and being a short corset made from 7 pieces there’s a lot less sewing to do!

If you’re experienced at corset training this may not be the corset for you but may still be useful for wearing when you’re planning to do light to moderate exercise (even though it’s only a waist corset pattern I still don’t recommend jumping on the treadmill in it!).

‘So where can I get this amazing corset training/sewing wonder?’ I hear you cry, why on the corset pattern page (link along the top of the website). This is a completely free corset pattern and if you get your friends to download it you’ll get a free booklet too! This will guide you to the best online places to get supplies as well as tell you how to work out the best size to print your corset pattern. Yes, it’s printable and comes in sizes 8 – 18 aren’t I good to you! 🙂 So check out the pattern page, scroll down through the beautiful corset training patterns to the bottom, where you’ll find this free corset pattern and instructions on how to download and get your pattern book.

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