I’ve finished the Cricut Explore cut corset pattern! The corset fits perfectly but I’m making some modifications to it. (You can see photos of the front if you scroll down) I’m also working on a new pattern that will be available in my shop! A pantie’s pattern so you can make underwear to go with all your corsets! More details below. You can also check out my printable corset patterns in my shop!


The Finished Corset Pattern!

I’ve finished my skull corset and I absolutely love it! This was a fun project and a personal indulgence as I’ve tried a fair few off the peg corsets and haven’t gotten on with them. I don’t get the time to make myself corsets so having decided to make time I’ve enjoyed this thoroughly!

It’s a single layer corset so the final shape is somewhere between the corset design and my natural body curves. A double layered corset would be a lot more ridged and my body would conform better to it. But as it’s summer here in the UK I’m very happy with just a single layer of satin coutil! From the back you can see my uneven hip fat, the corset isn’t larger on one side, that’s just me ha ha!

I have decided to make some changes to the back panels of the sewing pattern as I want to make 3 little tweaks to my personal corset design before I make myself a couple more. You can see the pattern changes below.

Firstly I have a bit of a natural ‘muffin top’ toward the back from wearing tight fitting, low rise jeans most of my young life. At least that’s where I believe it’s come from ?

So I’ve made the back panels more conical/less hourglass. Read – made the corset panel edges straight rather than gently curved from the waist down. This should help squish this area down a little more. You can see from the back view above where this problem area is for me.

Then I took out a little of the width at the bottom edge (I need to take out more) as I’ve found I can pull the laces almost shut at the bottom. The waist and top edge still have a big gap so I want it just a little tighter at the bottom.

Lastly, having worn the corset a few times I found it gets caught in the top edge of my lower cut jeans when I sit down and stand up again. I’ve added a bit more length to the back so it doesn’t ride up when I sit and slip out of my jeans.


Corset design changes below (original in grey).

A Panties Pattern In The Works!

On to my new project! I’ve started designing some low rise panties (knickers here in the UK) so I and you can make panties to match all our corsets! Here’s the design.



The idea is to be able to use a scrap of your fashion fabric layer from your corset to add to the front panel, with the rest being made of the necessary stretch fabric. So you’ll need very little left over fabric from your corset and there won’t be an issue with it not being an underwear fabric.

It’s in the preliminary stages right now but I’m really into it, there’s so much less work and even less fabric in comparison to corset making. Whipping up a bunch of panties will be effortless, fingers crossed. After the low rise/hipster design I’d love to make more styles if it’s something you guys would be interested in? Let me know in the comments if you’re keen to fill your knicker draw and what styles you love to wear. I’m a comfort junkie when it comes to panties so I’m going for full cheek coverage with this design but once I’m done with the practical pantie I’m up for more flirty designs, just tell me what you want ladies!


And if you want to make your own beautiful corsets why not check out my Printable Corset Patterns? < Click if you want to instantly download and print a corset sewing pattern and start making a corset of your own immediately! No waiting days for Mr Postman and you can print as many copies as you like, so no loosing you patterns or wearing them out 🙂

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I've finished the Cricut Explore cut corset pattern! The corset fits perfectly but I'm making some modifications to it. I'm also working on a new pattern that will be available in my shop! A pantie's pattern so you can make underwear to go with all your corsets!
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