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Learn To Make Corsets The Fun Way & Sew Your Own Body Curves…


Learn to make your own corsets, quickly & easily in just 2 hours with my complete video course. Learn the easy way by watching and following along! No more interpreting written instructions, now you can see every step in close up detail.  


The NEW Express Corset Making Course

Downloadable MP4 Video Course + PDF Books + Printable Corset Pattern – Instant Access!


The video includes a complete walk through of the corset making process:

  • Pattern matching – so if you have a design on your fabric it matches up at the seams
  • Cutting and sewing the pieces
  • Sewing in the busk – the iconic metal loops and knobs that close the front
  • Adding the boning – including where to get it and how to pick which type and length
  • Attaching metal eyelets at the back to lace up your corset
  • How to edge the top and bottom of your corset with binding for a professional finish


Plus Bonus video material covering:

  • How to quickly put together a mockup and use it to check fit and easily make changes to your pattern – for a completely perfect custom fit that shows!
  • How to make 2 types of professional modesty panels – these sit behind the laces at the back, protecting the skin and giving a bespoke finish to your garment


Scarlett Plunge Corset Pattern

As part of the course you also get the Scarlett Printable Corset Pattern – the pattern made in the video and shown on the course cover. This classic plunge corset has sleek lines, a beautiful hourglass silhouette and slight shaping at the ribs to give you the most elegant figure possible. Designed to be exactly what you imagine when you think corset! Click image below for sizing.

Scarlett Plunge Corset Pattern


And the Corset Making Manual, a quick reference guide which also details corsetry techniques like embroidery, flossing and quilting!

Corset Making Manual
Corset Making Manual


PLUS  [During this weeks January SALE only]  get the Corset Pattern Compendium – a book of 10 completely unique patterns to advance your learning and expand your pattern collection. Each pattern is set on a grid and will need to be scaled up and altered to fit.

Corset pattern compendium
Corset pattern compendium

The Other Patterns In The Pattern Pack

These Beautiful Printable Corset Patterns Come With The Scarlett Pattern In The Favourites Pattern Pack (sizing is the same)


The Lotus UnderbustThe lotus features a beautiful yet practical sweeping top edge that’s low at the front for maximum torso movement and high at the back to avoid the *ahem* back fat rolls that can occur around the top edge! The Lotus also boasts a tummy area that tucks under rather than jutting out at the bottom (as so many designs do if you don’t have washboard abs to begin with ?).


The Cupid This is my famous sweetheart/light plunge overbust. It has a two part bust gore to create a stunning bust line and a simple four panel body. A light corset, great for wearing anywhere and perfect for beginners and above looking to try a pattern with bust gores/gussets.


The Angel UnderbustThis is an excitingly unusual underbust with lots of features; hip panels make it super curvy while the low cut of the front makes it very comfortable and allows for lots of movement! There’s also a choice of 2 different bottom edges on this corset pattern and the option to make the front closure hidden! Great for improvers and good for beginners.

My Promise…

If you find that even with the video to guide you it’s too difficult – I’ll give you your money back!

My course came to be because I love corsetry and I love helping others learn to make their own corsets. It’s such a rewarding hobby making something so beautiful that can be worn and shown off and simply makes you feel stunning. It’s a real buzz. My aim is to have every customer go away with a smile on their face. So if you don’t like it or don’t think it’s for you once you get the course, let me know and I’ll refund you no questions. If you’re not happy I don’t want your money! That guarantees everyone goes away with a smile on their face. So if it’s still too difficult even with the step-by-step video or you change your mind for what ever reason I’ll give you your money back…


– Any problems or questions just drop me an email at corsettraining[at]!

The Express Corsetry Course will guide you through everything from where to get good quality, inexpensive materials to exactly how to construct your corset step-by-step. Sew along in real time and see exactly how it’s done without having to interpret instructions from a book.

So what are you waiting for, get your copy now, see for yourself without risking your dosh, and start making your very first corset today!


Everybody Has It Wrong…

Corsets aren’t just for advanced sewers; they seem difficult because their construction is so different to that of any other garment.

With my easy to follow step-by-step beginners video you can see how each step is done


Constructing a corset really is fool proof – or I’ll give you your money back!


Finally! A Complete Course That Makes Corsetry Simple, Easy & Fast…


…At An Amazingly Low Price!


You get all of this for just $49! –

2 hours of step-by-step video +

30 minutes of bonus footage +

The Scarlett Printable Pattern +

The Corset Making Manual +

The Pattern Compendium! [LIMITED TIME ONLY]


And with my Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose! – Any problems just email corsettraining[at]


So try it right now with no risk!

Have You Grabbed Your FREE Corset Pattern?

Grab my FREE & Easy Reversible Corset Sewing Pattern, instant download.  

No charge 😉

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