Do you have a corset training posse yet? Yes I’m serious, no I’m not pulling your leg :p

With the advent of the internet and the onset of YouTube our whole world has gotten a lot smaller, which is a bad thing if you’re my mum and still can’t write a facebook post without it magically appearing under the wrong photo, but a great thing if you’re a tight-lacer. You can now watch several corset trainers on YouTube and track their progress inch by inch. You can also learn how to make a corset, put on a corset and check out before and after pictures online. Fantastic! But some are going that step further and getting a tight-lacing community together as well as pairing up with waist training buddies the other side of the globe! If you think you’d like to get involved with the corseted community, you could do worse than join the facebook group we have at you’ll make brilliant friends and get great advice!

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