What Is An Affiliate

An affiliate is someone ‘affiliated’ with / associated with a company or person whose products they promote in exchange for a commission on the sales made by introducing a new customer to that person or company. You don’t need to be running a business or a commercial website to be an affiliate, you don’t even need a website. An affiliate can be someone with a personal blog who posts a link or banner on their blog somewhere or even someone with a profile or page on Facebook who, for example in the case of Corset Training, has made a corset with my course and puts their affiliate link in the photo description saying this is where I learnt how to make corsets. It really is that simple.

About My Affiliate Program

If you’ve got a blog, website, email newsletter or just somewhere you post stuff online with readers you think might be interested in making their own corsets, why not join my affiliate program, introduce them to my products and get paid 50% commision when they buy! You can put a banner ad or text ad on your website with your own unique link attached so when people click through and buy, your earnings are automatically tracked through Send Owl. Want to know more? Read on…

A Testimonial From My Affiliate Lucy Form Lucy’s Corsetry

Lucy from Lucy’s Corsetry has been working with me for a while now and she has kindly made me this testimonial video to give you a better idea of what it’s like to work with me. A big thank you to Lucy!

Joining the Affiliate Program

To join the affiliate program click this link. You’ll be sent to SendOwl to set up a free account, you just need a paypal account to get paid. They’ll give you an affiliate link to use, show you how many commissions you’ve had and give you a bit more info.

When you’ve registered with the program you can then place your link code on your site, blog or in your emails. To help I have created some eye catching banners below which you can save to your computer and use on your own site. Any problems or if you’re not sure how to do it give me an email – [email protected]. It’s that simple!

So if you love the Corset Training Course, why not share it with your friends and readers and earn some cash!


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