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Corset Training – Introducing You to the Realities

By on July 22, 2013

Corset training, likewise referred to as waist training, figure training and the even more familiar tight-lacing, is at its most basic a technique for body modification. The waist and torso are formed using the external pressure produced by the firmly

Lacing a corset training corset

By on June 21, 2013

There are various methods for lacing a corset but for corset training purposes a criss-cross method from top to bottom with the edition of rabbit ears (sometimes called bunny ears), is most functional and makes tightlacing without assistance much easier.

Corset Training How-To (1)

By on May 9, 2013

Braking In To brake in a new corset you’ll need to find three different occasions on which to wear it around the house for at least 2 hours. Put your corset on and very gradually tighten it, wriggle around in it as

Reasons For Corset Training

By on May 4, 2013

Tight-lacers love the individuality of customising the body, a lot of modern corset training is practised because the wearer wants to follow their own idea of beauty rather than the reasons of old when corset training was practised to conform to

Tightening Your Laces Alone For Corset Training – Rabbit Ears Method

By on May 1, 2013

You can easily use the ‘rabbit ears’ method of lacing your corset training corset to make getting into your corset unassisted supper easy. It involves lacing the corset in the traditional criss crossed method until you get to the waist

Corset Patterns for Corset Training (6)

By on April 26, 2013

Corset Pattern Piece Numbers Another important thing to look for when choosing your corset pattern is the number of pattern pieces it has. This may not be obvious to the novice corset maker but the more pieces the better the

Corset Patterns for Corset Training (5)

By on April 26, 2013

Corset Shapes There are even more corset pattern shapes to choose from than lengths (on hips, over hips etc, see last few posts for more details). Below are examples of the main ones, the top line shows those commonly used

Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (3)

By on April 24, 2013

So we discussed earlier the daily time scale for waist training but how about reduction scale? How far can you and should you go when corset training? And how quickly can you expect to get there? Again there are no

Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (2)

By on April 24, 2013

We established yesterday that you need to slowly ease your body into long periods of corset training. The example given was 2hrs a week but this is a lot slower than most people take it. Its really a case of

Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (1)

By on April 23, 2013

I’m asked a lot how long you need to tight lace to start physically reducing your waist line and how fast you can start squeezing the inches away. Corset Training isn’t supposed to be a quick fix (although it does