Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (3)

So we discussed earlier the daily time scale for waist training but how about reduction scale? How far can you and should you go when corset training? And how quickly can you expect to get there?

Again there are no hard and fast rules, everyone is different and my best advice is to listen to your body and accept its limits. It can become a compulsion for some people – getting that last half inch, fitting back into that wedding dress. Its dangerous if you don’t stop when it feels wrong or even starts to hurt.

That said generally its easier to reduce down the first 2-4 inches, these are sometimes managed within 6months, then it can take up to a year per half inch. People with a lot more body fat will find it easier to compress their body than those of a leaner build and combining corset training with weight loss means there are no hard and fast rules to follow as your body mass is reducing along side any corset induced waist reductions.

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Corset Training Before And After 2

Yesterday was (I’ll admit!) a bit of a strict telling off for those trying to push their body too far too soon, apologies if I sounded like anyone’s mother :)

Now, how to corset train properly:
Its very simple and you can’t go far wrong if you follow the golden rule – ‘listen to your body’, if it hurts stop. If your just starting out you need to brake your corset in (more on that tomorrow) otherwise it won’t have time to mould to your body shape, wont feel as comfortable ad it could and won’t last as long as it should.

When you put your corset on after the braking in period you still need to do it gradually. Give yourself a minimum of 20minutes to gradually tighten it, allowing time in between tugs for your body to settle in and the corset to start feeling loose again. Stop when the corset stops feeling looser after 10minutes or so.

If you’re corset training correctly like this you can expect to reduce your waist by between 2-5 inches in the first 3 months, the longer you go on tight lacing and the smaller you get, the harder it will be to reduce further. You should be wearing the corset all day for this except when bathing and exercising. Again start slow with 2-4 hrs and work up to full days.

Always listen to your body, its the most important bit of advice I can give any new corset trainer. Also make sure you are checked over by your doctor regularly when practising extreme corset training – in my opinion this is anything beyond a 5 inch reduction on someone with a stable weight.

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Easing your body into corset training

A big change occurring in any part of your day to day life, be it exercise, diet, or strapping yourself into a corset, will be easiest to stick to if you do it gradually. We’re creatures of habit and a big sudden change is more likely to be abandoned after a short period of time. Get up and run 5 miles after years of no exercise. How likely are you to do it again the next morning? How about the next? Unlikely right? Your body would need to build up to it starting with a jog round the block today building up to the 5 miles in 6 months or so. Well it’s the same with corset training. Your body won’t take kindly to you suddenly putting a corset on for a whole day and night. Even if you manage to get through the day your likely to be extremely relieved it’s over and unlikely to gladly don your training corset again after your shower. At which point you’ll probably decide corset training isn’t for you and lament buying your expensive waist training corset. Anyone would feel that way if their body was forced to suddenly constrict like that without an adjustment period. You need to start off wearing your corset only a few hours a day. The rule should be if you don’t feel good take it off. The moment you feel restricted take it off and resist forcing yourself to wait a bit longer. And don’t feel guilty about it either, your insuring you don’t make a psychological link between your corset and discomfort. Instead you’ll find yourself looking forward to putting it on which in turn will mean you stick with it. Waist training is a long term commitment. Force your body smaller at your peril. On Friday we’re going to look into diet, exercise and the physical effect of tight-lacing on the body.

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