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Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (3)

By Scarlett on April 24, 2013

So we discussed earlier the daily time scale for waist training but how about reduction scale? How far can you and should you go when corset training? And how quickly can you expect to get there? Again there are no

Lacing cord

By Scarlett on June 4, 2012

If you make a corset you’ll have to find lacing cord for it. Also if you buy your corset and the laces wear out you’ll be wondering what you use as replacement lacing. I recommend not using shoe laces which

Corset Training Before And After 2

By Scarlett on April 13, 2012

Yesterday was (I’ll admit!) a bit of a strict telling off for those trying to push their body too far too soon, apologies if I sounded like anyone’s mother Now, how to corset train properly: Its very simple and you

Corsetry and pin ups

By Scarlett on March 17, 2012

For those of you learning how to make a corset this might amuse! I had to share this image of one of my fave pin up artists paintings from the 50s. Gil Evgren painted hundreds of tiny waisted 50s bombshells.

How To Make A Corset Some Matching Bias Binding

By Scarlett on March 11, 2012

Want a really professional finish to your corset making? Then make your own bias binding. Don’t get me wrong I use the pre-made bias binding a fair bit, but for when the shop bought plain colors just don’t sit right

How To Tell Its Bias Binding

By Scarlett on March 10, 2012

Its important when sewing corsets to use bias binding on your corset edges both top and bottom because, as we discussed in the last post, the stretch properties of fabric cut on the bias allows it to go round the