Underbust vs Overbust – why we use underbusts for corset training

When you think of corsets you think of the traditional Overbust with the classic Victorian shape.

But for corset training, 9 times out of 10 we use an underbust. Does this mean the overbust isn’t effective? Well no, the overbust does the same job in the waist area, in fact I find it preferable to a short waspie corset that doesn’t cover, and therefore support, the lower part of the stomach.

So why then do most corset training beauties lean toward the below the bust model?

Well it’s all down to comfort and flexibility. Overbusts are great for a special occasion, there’s nothing more glamorous! But for doing the washing, tidying the house, buying the groceries, you don’t want to be as stiff as a Barbie doll. The underbust is just better suited to our modern fast paced lifestyle. Comfort should be one of your top priorities when considering buying a corset for corset training purposes, that and quality. Keep both in mind when you try on and tighten up and you can’t go far wrong.

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How To Make A Corset

How to make a corset – success story.

As you all know I released my corsetry manual and corset pattern compendium not long ago. Here is yet another success story sent in by a customer, this time from Anett in Hungary who has made this stunning underbust corset using the slash and spread method in the corset pattern book to get the perfect fit for her unique figure and it really does fit like a glove! Well done to Anett on her beautiful custom corset! If your into your corset training and you’d like to try your hand at corset making, you can check out my course here > Express Corsetry Course.

Heres Anett’s email and photos (click on the images for a closer look):



Dear Scarlet,

As being one of the first custumers of yours, I’d like to say thank you for the great patterns and description. The results are very easy to make, very beautiful and fitting well. I had a great time during the making of my corsets, hereby I sent you the first one I made. I hope you like it too :)


Anett Novák from Hungary


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