Corset Pattern Drafting – fixing your edges – photos!

 Yesterday I thought I’d show you all how I fix up my edges, that is, how I draw the top and bottom edges of a corset pattern – via a video blog. (So if you didn’t catch that check it out in my previous blog post below.)

As promised here are the photos I took so you can get a closer look. 

I masking taped the first pattern piece to my table then took each piece and, starting at the waist marks, I matched up the edges from the waist to the top and stuck down the pattern pieces one by one so I had the top edge all stuck down as it will look once the corset is sewn together. I could then redraw the top edge so it was one continuous flowing line. I then did the same for the bottom edge, matching the pieces up along the seams from waist to bottom and sticking them all down so I could redraw the bottom edge how I wanted it. 

Here is the top edge stuck down before redrawing. As you can see it doesn’t match up correctly so we need to fix that!

Click pics for bigger images…

Fixing the Top Edge of Your Corset Pattern

— Fixing the Top and Bottom Edges of Your Corset Patterns –


Close up of the top edge stuck down before redrawing

Close up of the top edge stuck down before redrawing.


Close up of the top edge after redrawing

Close up of the top edge after redrawing.


Bottom edge of corset pattern stuck down

Bottom edge of corset pattern stuck down.


The bottom edge redrawn

The bottom edge redrawn.


I then drew on a second bottom edge for an on the hip/over the hip corset by matching the pattern pieces together slightly further up

I then drew on a second bottom edge for an on the hip/over the hip corset by matching the pattern pieces together slightly further up.

So I hope that helps all those learning how to make a corset pattern from scratch. I’ll share a photo tomorrow of the pattern drafted before I cut it out as I managed to remember to take one so come back and check that out or you can click the big twitter button on the right of the website to stay updated, or click - if the button is too far away (well your cursor would have to go all the way over there —>)

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Setting Your Eyelets Straight

how to make a corset - eyelets 7

 The video on eyelet setting is now finished, check it out below!

It’s basically a follow up to the photo version I put up last week but it makes it easier to see what I’m doing. 

 Again thank you to Forthe for letting me put up the images of your grommet conundrum and I hope this has helped with straightening them out when your corset making.



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Setting Eyelets Straight

I’ve just finished a tutorial on eyelet setting, check it out on the articles page or click here - Getting Your Eyelets Straight – How to set corset eyelets

Forthe asked on facebook how to avoid the wonky eyelets she’s getting -

Eyelet issues while corset making Eyelet issues while corset making

Click for bigger pics.

So I’ve done a little step by step to show her exactly where she’s going wrong…


It’s simple a case of needing to draw on a guideline to keep them all lined up -

how to make a corset - eyelets 2


Then use a ruler to mark the eyelets so they’re evenly spaced.

how to make a corset - eyelets 3



I’ll be uploading a video of the process in the next few days hopefully so watch this space. I’ll also soon be doing a video sew along for the whole corset pattern which is my corset belt pattern available free on this page – free corset pattern. It’s not a corset training corset per say but a great one for a corsetry virgin to cut their teeth on. So keep an eye out for that too if your new to corset making and want to learn how to make a corset!
how to make a corset - eyelets 11

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Want to learn to make a corset?

So earlier I went through the virtues of learning how to make a corset yourself, rather than paying for someone else to do it for you. We all know that if your going to corset train seriously, then at some point your going to need to start buying custom designed corsets. This can get very pricey!

So to help you decide whether corset making is for you or not I’ve written a full length article on where to get hold of your corset making supplies - make a corset – suppliers list. This is a complete list of all the online sources I know of to buy corsetry supplies, along with details of what each one sells/has on offer and whether I have personally bought from them or not. 

What I suggest you do is take a look around these sites and get a feel for whats on offer, what everything costs and possibly invest in a book on how to make a corset (there are several on – Amazon. There is a previous article I wrote that you might find helpful for familiarising yourself with the components of a corset - Getting Acquainted With Corset Making Materials, Equipment and Free Corset Patterns. This one goes through some of the major parts of a corset training corset and the tools for working with them as well as how these tools work. So if your not not sure what an awl is, or how spiral steel boning is different from sprung steel, this article will set your straight. There’s also some very useful and detailed information on free corset patterns – you’ll come across a lot of them online, especially if you google corset patterns for free or something similar. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on duff and badly made corset patterns then make sure you read this information. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are ok, but a lot of them are difficult to use or of questionable quality. You don’t need extra complications when your starting out in corsetry.

Well, thats the best advice I can give to anyone still sitting on the fence! Besides saying that if you’re still not sure after checking out the above resources then borrow a sewing machine, buy a few supplies and give it a go. You don’t need to get all the tools and buy mounds of fabric – an underbust is easily made from half a meter of stiff upholstery fabric and eyelet packs are cheap and come with little setting tools (not great for long term use but fine for testing out corset making as a hobby). Try it out on the cheap and see if its for you, if you get a taste for it you’ll be amazed how much fun you can have coming up with your own corset designs and playing with complimentary fabrics. :)


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Corset training on a budget? Swap shop bought for home made

If your just getting into waist training and need your first corset training corset, or your a serious 23/7 tight lacer who gets through a lot of corsets, your going to be looking around the internet at the various corset makers (maybe just your favourites if you’ve been training long enough to have some) and asking yourself how your going to make this months budget stretch to a new $300 underbust? Well there is another way.

If you’ve never considered sewing your own corset, maybe because learning seems like more effort than climbing mount everest, or possibly just because you don’t have a sewing machine, then maybe it’s time to give it some serious thought. Learning isn’t as hard as you may think, it seems daunting for a newbie to sewing to take on such a complex garment as a lined corset training corset but there are a number of good books, videos and courses out there that will literally hold your hand at each step. I should know, thats how I learnt! And my prior sewing experience was limited to a half finished skirt from home economics class and a few dress alterations. I bought a book from Amazon and borrowed my mums sewing machine – she of course said I couldn’t make something as complex as a corset having never sewn even simple clothes. Which of course made me even more determined! I was very smug when after a few days I emerged from the sewing room covered in thread and wearing my very first corset. It was a fiddly project but it got quicker every time I made one, which is the joy of taking up corset making or indeed anything making. It gets easier the more you do it and my corset designs got more elaborate. 

So I bought my own sewing machine and after a while started selling online and suddenly, rather than costing me money, corset training started to make me money! Custom corsetry really is a viable business if you want to take it that far. Nowadays I spend more time producing teaching materials like my ‘how to make a corset‘ DVDs and my printable corset patterns, but I still make all my own corsets (well, there are a few amazing corsetiers I frequent, sometimes it’s nice to wear something by a different designer). 

So if this has swayed you, or even just pricked your ears, consider this – a sewing machine may seem like a big investment but it’ll cost you about as much as one decent corset training corset and you can make as many corsets as you want. Yes you need to buy the materials but there’s very little fabric in a corset compared with say a dress, and spiral steel corset bones are very cheap. The front opening busk will set you back around $20 but thats the most expensive part. Nothing compared to paying for a custom corset.

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