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Mannequin Update & Learning How To Make A Corset Pattern In CAD

By Scarlett on June 25, 2015

If you’ve been reading regularly you’ll know I’ve had a digital mannequin made and had my CAD designer make me a corset pattern on it. The mockup looked like this – The fit was good but not ‘corseted’ enough. So

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Pink Corset – Part 2 – Inserting the busk (and the Corset Training mascot)

By Scarlett on November 17, 2014

Yes I got a little bit further today with my experimental single layer corset training corset. Had a bit of fun with enamel paint too!  So today I found time to insert the busk. I haven’t worked out how to make

Lucy's Corsetry

Learn How To Make A Corset – Lucy’s Video Review Of My Corset Making Course

By Scarlett on November 11, 2014

Lucy From Lucy’s Corsetry I’ve always been a big fan of Lucy’s Corsetry website and YouTube reviews of corset training corsets, so I was extremely excited to hear she was going to review my Express Corset Making Video Course for

Corset Pattern Drafting – fixing your edges – photos!

By Scarlett on August 22, 2013

 Yesterday I thought I’d show you all how I fix up my edges, that is, how I draw the top and bottom edges of a corset pattern – via a video blog. (So if you didn’t catch that check it

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Setting Your Eyelets Straight

By Scarlett on August 8, 2013

 The video on eyelet setting is now finished, check it out below! It’s basically a follow up to the photo version I put up last week but it makes it easier to see what I’m doing.   Again thank you to

Setting Eyelets Straight

By Scarlett on August 1, 2013

I’ve just finished a tutorial on eyelet setting, check it out on the articles page or click here – Getting Your Eyelets Straight – How to set corset eyelets Forthe asked on facebook how to avoid the wonky eyelets she’s getting