Corset Training Before And After 2

Yesterday was (I’ll admit!) a bit of a strict telling off for those trying to push their body too far too soon, apologies if I sounded like anyone’s mother :)

Now, how to corset train properly:
Its very simple and you can’t go far wrong if you follow the golden rule – ‘listen to your body’, if it hurts stop. If your just starting out you need to brake your corset in (more on that tomorrow) otherwise it won’t have time to mould to your body shape, wont feel as comfortable ad it could and won’t last as long as it should.

When you put your corset on after the braking in period you still need to do it gradually. Give yourself a minimum of 20minutes to gradually tighten it, allowing time in between tugs for your body to settle in and the corset to start feeling loose again. Stop when the corset stops feeling looser after 10minutes or so.

If you’re corset training correctly like this you can expect to reduce your waist by between 2-5 inches in the first 3 months, the longer you go on tight lacing and the smaller you get, the harder it will be to reduce further. You should be wearing the corset all day for this except when bathing and exercising. Again start slow with 2-4 hrs and work up to full days.

Always listen to your body, its the most important bit of advice I can give any new corset trainer. Also make sure you are checked over by your doctor regularly when practising extreme corset training – in my opinion this is anything beyond a 5 inch reduction on someone with a stable weight.

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Corset Training Before And After 1

So what you need to know before corset training and what you can expect after?

Now I know I say this a lot but you really can”t rush or force your body into corset training. There really is no point to jumping straight into a corset,¬†forcing your waist down by a 5inch reduction and saying “there! I”m a tightlacer!” Because you”ve then got to keep that corset on 8 – 12 hrs a day for the next 6months to make the reduction permanent, or as permanent as a corseted waist gets. (Everyone”s waist expands a certain amount when they take off their corset, even after years of corset training.) You”d be lucky to last a day casino online with such a violent reduction before giving up on account of the discomfort and or pain. I”m being over dramatic but my point is this – if your planning to corset train you need to be in it for the long run, not the short sprint! Waist training is a way of life, it affects your eating habits, sleeping habits, your movement etc etc. It IS rewarding but only for those who enjoy the process as much as they enjoy the end result. You shouldn”t tighten your corset to the point where it feels uncomfortable, your corset should support and “hug” your body rather than crushing you. If it hurts your doing it wrong.

We continue this little chat with more detailed info on corset training before and after here…

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