The New Express Corset Making Course – Coming Soon!

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Sneak peek of the Corset Photo Shoot…

The videoing ended a few days ago with a session that finished at 3am. Then, having only had 5 hours sleep, horror of horrors I had to strut about in front of a camera! I needn’t have worried though, the pictures look stunning (thanks to the amazing lighting rig, camera and camera man… o and I highly recommend Garnier’s Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles roll on stuff which I think I literally covered my face in!). The shoot turned out to be almost 5 years after my very first shoot, which was summer 2009, so it looks like the rerecording of the Express Corset Making Course will literally be a 5 year anniversary update! So we recreated this picture from the first ever shoot, yes *blush* that is me with green hair *hides behind rock*. Once all the final images are selected and colour corrected I’ll do a big unveiling, so stay tuned. But for now heres the fun one (click it for a bigger version)…

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.


When will the rerecorded Corset Making Course be ready?

As you’ve probably noticed, no we didn’t make Valentines Day unfortunately! Recording a professional level DVD takes a lot longer than I expected. I also wanted to include instructions on how to make a proper back panel as a bonus feature too…

corset making 1

…So that took a lot of extra time, but I have all the raw footage now. It’s just a matter of piecing it all together. I have someone redesigning the artwork for the course and we’ve also just had our photo shoot as you know, plus theres the new pattern to add to the Pattern Compendium and some rewriting to do of the method in the Corset Manual (as I’ve changed the way I do things over the last 5 years). But it won’t  be long now. I’m estimating 2 weeks, so it’ll be a spring/Easter launch.

The new updated course will include pattern matching after all! Yes, add it to the list of reasons I over-ran on filming. I wanted to cram as much in as I could and pattern matching was a biggy on the list of tutorials I’ve been asked for over the years. As you can see here the pattern matching went very well indeed.

corset making


What if I’ve bought the old version of the Corset Making Course?

Again if you’ve bought the current corset making course, anyone who has purchased since 1st of December gets a free download! I’ll do my best to email download links to everyone automatically, if I miss you or you bought a hard copy on Amazon then email me after release date with your purchase details. So, if you want to own both the original and new version then buy now and get the new version automatically! No need to do anything other than buy the Express Corsetry Course in the normal way from the page and you automatically get the new one! There will also be an introductory offer for all previous customers, keep checking your emails!

So stay tuned for the photo shoot and updates on the release date.

corset making course

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The 3D Method of Corset Pattern Drafting – Draping

Drafting a Corset Training Corset - first panel

make a corset

As promised I managed to dig out some photos of the three dimensional method of pattern drafting (as apposed to the 2D flat pattern drafting method we were discussing yesterday). I’m lucky enough to have an old school dress form thats a great starting shape for corset training corsets. I took the pattern in a little at the waist but it already has an unnaturally small waist so it was a great find – it was discarded in my art studio at university if you can believe that! I gave it a a loving home and a new lease of life. Keep meaning to cover it but it’s quite nice rough.

Anyway, moving on from my deep personal relationship with my dress forms! The pictures are pretty self explanatory – I started by marking the front centre and back centre then proceeded to drape material where I wanted pattern pieces and draw on, cut and pin in place on the dress form one by one. I then added marks to the corset pattern where the pieces joined so I could line the pieces up correctly when I joined them together. You also want to number your pattern pieces before unpinning, then transfer to paper, simples!

If you don’t have a dress form but do have a corset that you like the shape of then try stuffing it so it holds it’s shape, then using this as your mannequin. So now you know how, you can get cracking and design your own corset!

This is the Angel underbust corset pattern by the way so click to see the finished corset.


Drafting a Corset Training Corset - first panel

Drafting a Corset Training Corset - adding more panels

Corset Training Corset - Front

Corset Training Corset - Side

Corset Training Corset- Back

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Using The 2D Method of Drafting Corset Patterns

So I’ve been using the 2D method of drafting corset patterns over a bodice block, I’ve not used a bodice block before but Robert Doyle uses it in his book ‘Waisted Efforts’ so I thought I’d give it a go. The bodice block isn’t really proving very successful for any slightly diagonal pattern pieces or artistic/adventurous corset designs. I’m largely ignoring it and just using the bust, waist, hips measurements and the measurements between them. 

I’m guessing it’ll work a lot better for straight up straight down pattern pieces so I might try a no fuss corset design at some point soon where all the piece are an equal width and all travel straight down the body. The design in the picture with the circles on looks like it fits this description but its actually a short version of the bigger one in the middle. As such the circles haven’t fit correctly onto the pieces so I’ll try remaking that using the bodice block.

There is another method I favour in creating corset patterns, thats the draping method which you need a dressmakers dummy for really. But if you have a corset thats the required shape you can pad it out with wadding and use that. I’ll dig out a photo of one of my draped corset training patterns tomorrow so you can see this 3 dimensional method.

Click for bigger pic!

Drafting Corset Patterns

Drafting Corset Patterns


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Getting the Edges Right on Your Corset Patterns

Close up of the top edge after redrawing

When drafting corset patterns it can be difficult to get all the pieces to match up exactly. So if you’ve ventured into corset designing you may find todays video blog particularly useful…

Today I’ve been mostly drafting corset patterns!

Yes today and all of this week in fact, I have been very quiet because I’ve been locked away in the sewing room drafting new patterns in preparation for a new range of corset training corsets that I’ll finally be making to order. (It’s been a while!). As a result I’ve been naughty and not blogged for a while so today I got out the video camera so I could show you how I check my pattern pieces all fit together and how I get the top and bottom edges to flow nicely as one big sweeping curve. 

A corset needs a beautiful top and bottom edge the way it needs a beautifully tapered waist, proper binding and steel boning. In other words a bad bust line can ruin a beautiful corset. So I thought I would share my method for making sure the edges of my corset flow smoothly. 

Tomorrow I’ll do a write up with some pictures I took but for now heres the video…


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Another Year at Corset Training

how to make a bodice corset

 Another Year at Corset Training & A Few Changes To Be Made

Well it’s a few days after my 28th birthday and give it a few months will also be another year older. So it’s a time of reflection for me and as the website nears 4 years old I’d like to step things up a notch…


Corset Designers & Corsetry Knowledge

There are a wealth of individual corset makers out there and the web gives us a chance to interact with each other across the globe; sharing ideas and solving corset construction issues. I’ve seen a lot of this on facebook as the Corset Making facebook group expands. I’d like to feature more work by the web’s corset designers and share more of the results of our online knowledge swapping on this blog.


HowToMakeACorset YouTube Channel

Another exciting development will be video blog posting. I have a camera and tripod set up in my sewing room now so I’ll be keeping a video diary of my projects and doing a few how-to’s here and there. Currently I’m editing the eyelet setting video to go with the eyelet tutorial pictures here, and another on binding bodice pattern tabs from this corset -



how to make a bodice corset

I hope to make a few of these video posts a week once I’ve gotten used to the technology! I’ll be hosting them on You Tube so keep an eye on my channel HowToMakeACorset but I’ll also do a blog post for each one so you can keep up to date with everything going on by following this blog.


Corset Orders

I’m also going to start making corsets to order again soon. I’ve taken a long break from corset-making-to-order as it were, concentrating on how to make corsets educational materials and the printable corset patterns range. I’d like to get back to creating corsets for people to wear and enjoy alongside teaching the art of construction. I’ll be sewing up some example pieces to be photographed over the next month so that should keep me very busy and give me lots to video blog about! All very exciting! 


The Corset Belt Sew-Along

Lastly I’m finally getting round to doing the video sew-along for the waist corset – you can download the free corset pattern here. It’ll be set over a few days so beginners can sew along for around an hour a day over 3 – 5 days. It’ll be a great gentle introduction for all the corset making virgins out there and hopefully a great social experience for our little corset sewing community.


So I look forward to sewing more and sharing more with you over the coming months!

Scarlett :)


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