Attention Burlesque Corset fans!

One of the most influential Burlesque shows to grace London is now only open for another week, the The Hurly Burly Show which boasts a number of sensual and breath taking burlesque corsets. But its the art of burlesque which is important here. Michael Billington from the Guardian who went to see the show says of Burlesque that “burlesque was a rowdy mix of disrobing and double-entendre that flourished in the US from 1900 to 1935. But the essence of it was that comedy was mixed with carnality.”
Back in college I had the privilege of hosting a burlesque night for charity, I selected the acts and auctioned off one of my hand-made corsets. I disagree with mr Billington somewhat. The ladies at our evening, our fan dancer especially, were more than just titillating comedians; they were also artists in their own right. There is a poetry to burlesque that shines through the comedy and frills. Check out the The Hurly Burly Show and see what I mean – O and don’t forget to check out the burlesque corsets on display.
On until sunday May 1st.


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