The New Express Corset Making Course – Coming Soon!

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Sneak peek of the Corset Photo Shoot…

The videoing ended a few days ago with a session that finished at 3am. Then, having only had 5 hours sleep, horror of horrors I had to strut about in front of a camera! I needn’t have worried though, the pictures look stunning (thanks to the amazing lighting rig, camera and camera man… o and I highly recommend Garnier’s Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles roll on stuff which I think I literally covered my face in!). The shoot turned out to be almost 5 years after my very first shoot, which was summer 2009, so it looks like the rerecording of the Express Corset Making Course will literally be a 5 year anniversary update! So we recreated this picture from the first ever shoot, yes *blush* that is me with green hair *hides behind rock*. Once all the final images are selected and colour corrected I’ll do a big unveiling, so stay tuned. But for now heres the fun one (click it for a bigger version)…

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.


When will the rerecorded Corset Making Course be ready?

As you’ve probably noticed, no we didn’t make Valentines Day unfortunately! Recording a professional level DVD takes a lot longer than I expected. I also wanted to include instructions on how to make a proper back panel as a bonus feature too…

corset making 1

…So that took a lot of extra time, but I have all the raw footage now. It’s just a matter of piecing it all together. I have someone redesigning the artwork for the course and we’ve also just had our photo shoot as you know, plus theres the new pattern to add to the Pattern Compendium and some rewriting to do of the method in the Corset Manual (as I’ve changed the way I do things over the last 5 years). But it won’t  be long now. I’m estimating 2 weeks, so it’ll be a spring/Easter launch.

The new updated course will include pattern matching after all! Yes, add it to the list of reasons I over-ran on filming. I wanted to cram as much in as I could and pattern matching was a biggy on the list of tutorials I’ve been asked for over the years. As you can see here the pattern matching went very well indeed.

corset making


What if I’ve bought the old version of the Corset Making Course?

Again if you’ve bought the current corset making course, anyone who has purchased since 1st of December gets a free download! I’ll do my best to email download links to everyone automatically, if I miss you or you bought a hard copy on Amazon then email me after release date with your purchase details. So, if you want to own both the original and new version then buy now and get the new version automatically! No need to do anything other than buy the Express Corsetry Course in the normal way from the page and you automatically get the new one! There will also be an introductory offer for all previous customers, keep checking your emails!

So stay tuned for the photo shoot and updates on the release date.

corset making course

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Corset Mock-up Assemble!


So it’s all sewn together now, the corset pattern looks pretty good shape wise, but I’ll have to wait till later to try it on as I have a fair bit to do today and I need to find my lacing tape so I can give it a proper try on.

Handy hint – get some lacing tape for your mock-ups – it comes as a strip of sturdy cotton tape (sometimes petersham) with eyelets pre-set. When you make a corset mock up sew it on the back to allow you to lace the whole thing up and try the fit properly. It only takes two quick lines of stitching to attach, then afterward rip it off to use on the next mock up! So you only need ever buy 1 meter! Cut it in half and when you sew onto your mock ups don’t trim it, just leave the extra length hanging at the bottom. This ensures it will always be long enough for all your mock ups.

Anyway, here are the photos of the mock-up all sewn together and some pics of how I pin and sew the pattern pieces. I’ll update you when I’ve tried it on and if I alter the corset pattern, then again when I start to make a corset from it.



First four pattern pieces sewn together



Seam pinning



 Seam stitching



Corset Pattern done! – Bust area



Corset Pattern done! - Two bottom edge options 

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Pattern Pieces For A New Corset Mock-up

OK so I’m sewing these together later but I thought I’d put up some pictures of the corset pattern pieces before I do so you can see them properly. This is what I’ve got up to so far and as you can see it’s a seven piece corset pattern, so 14 pieces in total. This is going to be a nice sturdy corset training pattern. I’ve been meaning to design something nice and shapely but comfortable to wear underneath my cloths on a daily basis. I’m terribly inconsistent when it comes to corset training and haven’t really bothered for a while now. It’s an overbust design but when I get the mockup on I’ll draw in an underbust line.

I’m using coutil for this mock up incase you’re wondering what fabric it is, but only because I bought some that turned out to be of a nasty quality not fit to make a corset from but couldn’t be bothered to send it back!





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Today I have been mostly making… A foxy little waist corset

corsetmaking binding

So I”ve been away from the sewing machine for a while and upon my return I decided to make a corset in black with racy red stitching. I thought you”d want to see the new corset pattern so I took some piccys and filmed a quick video blog. It”s a single layer 24 inch corset belt with 22 bones plus 4 round the lacing and I”ll be selling it in my etsy In this game, 12 idols are displayed across the screen of the mobile pokies game and players must choose to reveal what big wins await behind 3, 4 or 5 of their chosen relics. shop to raise money for the camera I”ll need to record high quality video for future sewing videos (more on that soon). So here are the vid and pics of it with just the last of the binding to put on. Finished pics tomorrow! xxx

 Click for bigger pics   

corsetmaking binding


makeacorset binding



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The 3D Method of Corset Pattern Drafting – Draping

Drafting a Corset Training Corset - first panel

make a corset

As promised I managed to dig out some photos of the three dimensional method of pattern drafting (as apposed to the 2D flat pattern drafting method we were discussing yesterday). I’m lucky enough to have an old school dress form thats a great starting shape for corset training corsets. I took the pattern in a little at the waist but it already has an unnaturally small waist so it was a great find – it was discarded in my art studio at university if you can believe that! I gave it a a loving home and a new lease of life. Keep meaning to cover it but it’s quite nice rough.

Anyway, moving on from my deep personal relationship with my dress forms! The pictures are pretty self explanatory – I started by marking the front centre and back centre then proceeded to drape material where I wanted pattern pieces and draw on, cut and pin in place on the dress form one by one. I then added marks to the corset pattern where the pieces joined so I could line the pieces up correctly when I joined them together. You also want to number your pattern pieces before unpinning, then transfer to paper, simples!

If you don’t have a dress form but do have a corset that you like the shape of then try stuffing it so it holds it’s shape, then using this as your mannequin. So now you know how, you can get cracking and design your own corset!

This is the Angel underbust corset pattern by the way so click to see the finished corset.


Drafting a Corset Training Corset - first panel

Drafting a Corset Training Corset - adding more panels

Corset Training Corset - Front

Corset Training Corset - Side

Corset Training Corset- Back

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